Now that I have got your attention, I would love to have the opportunity to discuss your musical goals and help you achieve them!
Contact me today for a free, no obligation meet and greet!
I have been serving the residents of Aliso Viejo and all of its surrounding areas for over 18 years! 

About Me 
I have been teaching both in my Aliso Viejo studio and in students' homes for the past 18 years and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

I strive to motivate my students to make goals and I teach them how to achieve them! Students are given a solid musical foundation, can play the songs they like and feel a deep sense of pride when they achieve what they set out to do!

I have a "treasure box" filled with, you guessed it..."treasure"...to reward students for special achievements. I also give certificates, trophies at my big spring recital for those students who show excellence in a variety of subjects.

I have recitals twice a year, often with a fun theme! (One year, we dressed up in white powder wigs and fancy clothes for the Classical Era Recital! Another year we had a Rock and Roll theme...you get the picture!)

Having a child on the autism spectrum, I am open to teaching kids with special needs.
I have parent training from regional center, ABA, and other tutors. Plus, I "live" it 24/7! 

I strive to keep my students engaged and interested, while making learning fun!

Please contact me today to set up a FREE, no obligation, "meet and greet"!

I teach all ages and currently have quite a few time slots available because I have just decided to grow my business from part time to full time.

My Musical Education Background 
Growing up in a musical family, I have been exposed to music all of my life. I began formal piano lessons at age 4. Competed and won many competitions, participated in the Certificate of Merit program held by the Music Teachers Association and studied privately for over 25 years with a long line of excellent teachers. I was able to be several of my teachers' apprentice and student taught when I was a teenager. That's when I decided that this was the career for me!

While majoring in music during college, I found out our son had autism, so, suddenly, my life changed course. 

I learned many valuable lessons while advocating for my son's rights and many of the things I learned through that journey, I have found uniquely beneficial when included in my piano studio. As one parent said after seeing me teach her child who has special needs "you are a natural!". Who knew that all of that autism parent training and advocacy could benefit my piano students as well as my son! 

Teaching piano is my passion and it has been my privilege to be able to teach so many wonderful students for over 18 years!

Genres and Subjects Taught 
I teach many different genres such as classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, modern, pop, rock and the list goes on!

I teach many different ways, as I customize my approach addressing each students individual needs and learning styles.
I do tend to favor Faber & Faber, Alfred's, Bastein and enjoy finding new and exciting supplementary material from different resources such as Musicnotes.com.

Lesson Rates 
My studio rates are $30 for a half hour lesson,
$45 for 45 minutes and $60 per hour lesson.* 

*In students home tuition rates are slightly higher and depend on location of students home. (Availability is limited for in student home lessons)

Age Levels 
I enjoy teaching all age levels!

For my little preschoolers (4-6),
I introduce them to the world of "Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse"! In Alfred's "Music for Little Mozart's" series (you can order the plush toy characters and the kids LOVE them!)

I teach elementary school kids (after school hours book fast, so call today!)
And I enjoy teaching homeschoolers (mornings and early afternoons are popular with this crowd!)

Teens and adults are warmly welcomed! My teens have enjoyed playing many of their favorite artists and adults have enjoyed learning a challenging, yet fulfilling new hobby!

Seniors, are welcomed, as well! Some of my favorite students started in their 70's! (Hey, I was on their "bucket list"! Lol!) 

Whatever your age, you will always be welcomed in my piano studio!

My Certifications and Awards 
25 plus years of private piano study with a long line of highly qualified piano instructors.

Classically trained with participation in the Certificate of Merit program.

Trophies and awards given during my years in the Certificate of merit program.

My Musical Influences
The instructors who influenced me the most were Dr. Martha Beth Lewis, piano teacher extraordinaire and Andrea Lynn Martin. They were, by far, my favorite piano teachers. I had many more wonderful instructors in college.

My biggest musical influence is my "Nana"-opera singer/grandma/super diva and the one who gave me a love and passion for music! She has Alzheimer's now, doesn't remember much, but she remembers the music and starts singing opera! Music is amazing, isn't it!

Of course, all of the great pianists had a big influence on me, especially the ones who incorporated humor and showmanship into their performances. I adore the late Victor Borge. Elton John and Bugs Bunny (yes, that old rascally rabbit!) inspired me when I was a kid! Of course, the late Liberace, although a bit over the top, was a pretty decent pianist!

Classic rock, blues, inspirational music, jazz & pop have all influenced me in one way or another.

Student Testimonials & Stories

"After much searching and interviewing, I had pretty much given up on the idea of finding a piano teacher for my very young daughters, one of whom has developmental delays; then I found Karen Ramirez. Lots of piano teachers claim to specialize in teaching little ones, but Karen truly has that special quality that enables her to engage a child and keep their attention and make learning fun instead of a chore. Both of my children are not only learning the piano, but are gaining a true enjoyment and appreciation for music. Karen has amazing musical knowledge and talent, but it is her gentleness, enthusiasm, and endless patience that make her an extraordinary teacher. " "

Andreana-parent Of Two Students - Aliso Viejo, CA

" "My son was an energetic and fiesty 8 year old when he expressed a love for classical music and an interest in learning to play the piano. Karen and I had been friends for years, and I was aware that she taught piano. So I contacted her to see if she would take on another "fiesty" student. Not only has she been a phenomenal teacher, but it is the only time my son sits still for an hour at a time! She makes the lessons so much fun for him! They play duets together and he doesn't even realize he is being taught. I wonder if she does math?! Humor aside, she has fostered a love of music in him that is a joy to behold. Thank you Karen!" "

Jillian-parent - Laguna Niguel, CA

"Miss Karen is so funny and makes learning the piano fun! I have learned a lot of cool songs and the recitals are great! "

Thomas - Aliso Viejo, CA

"Karen Ramirez has proven herself to be a very experienced, skilled, and dedicated piano teacher. She teaches from a wide variety of repertoire; emphasizes pianistic technique, theory, musicality, and provides a professional, stress-free environment in her studio. Karen has a warm, vivacious, caring personality, and maintains an excellent rapport with her students. "

Diane Blakeley-Classical Pianist, Performer, Colleague - San Clemente, CA

""Karen taught our son piano for approximately 5 years. * very good with kids * very patient and encouraging * engaging * semi-annual recitals * she plays piano at recitals * good music selections * flexible * good with introductory concepts (scales, harmony, theory)" "

Cynthia McMullin-parent - Laguna Hills, CA


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