High Surf Ahead, OC Lifeguards Ready at Salt Creek Beach

Wet weather and high surf are on tap for the Dana Point coast Saturday and Sunday, but lifeguards are ready, even at night.

Like the mailman, OC Lifeguards are at the ready be it rain and sleet, but even more so when there is high surf in Dana Point.

On Thursday night, CBS-Los Angeles, filmed some of the crew performing ocean rescue training in the dark, cold waters at Salt Creek Beach.

This weekend the wet weather and high surf will continue with swells between 4-6 feet Saturday, and 2-3 feet Sunday at Salt Creek Beach. 

During night rescues,  lifeguards wear helmets with chem lights or glowsticks and strobe lights strapped to their arms. They swim with buoys and swim fins, too.

According to Jason Young, spokesperson for OC Lifeguards, there is always at least a small team of lifeguards working 24/7, 365 days a year regardless of weather conditions. Night training is also performed on a regular basis.

To see the video, click here. 

Lauren Dickson December 02, 2012 at 09:03 AM
I find it odd that the lifeguards are finally ready Saturday after my boyfriend rescued someone Friday for a good 30 minutes, gave up his board and even contemplating just floating down to strands as he saw the truck sitting there.


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