PHOTOS: Immigration Gets Debated on San Juan Capistrano Streets

One side protests deportations. The other side protests the demonstrators' message.

Protesters demonstrate to urge Pres. Obama to stop deportations. Photo courtesy of Ana Karen Rosal.
Protesters demonstrate to urge Pres. Obama to stop deportations. Photo courtesy of Ana Karen Rosal.
Immigration activists chose Camino Capistrano to hold a demonstration in protest of deportations today near Mission San Juan Capistrano. 

Meanwhile, those who support a stronger stance on illegal immigration held a counter-protest of their own. 

"San Juan Capistrano residents are constantly in fear of being harassed and discriminated against by the Border Patrol in which low-risk community 
members are being deported," said Ana Karen Rosal, one of the coordinators of the demonstration.

The Obama administration and congress have failed to find a solution to our broken immigration system, she said. The result is 2 million deportations.

"Therefore, we are pushing Obama to stop all deportations and use his executive power to expand deferred action to all, Rosal said.

A candlelight vigil is planned for 7 tonight at Camino Capistrano and La Zanja.
Alberto Barrera April 10, 2014 at 05:11 PM
Angus: If you were born in an impoverished country with a corrupt government, wouldn't you move to a country where you had more opportunities? Your ancestors certainly did so. Donna: Immigration is the only viable solution to keeping Social Security and other entitlements solvent. Unless you somehow ban all contraceptives, I don't see how you're going to convince the American population to have more children.
rob April 10, 2014 at 05:27 PM
Seriously Alberto. If you were born in an impoverished country, yes you would want things better for your family. YOU COME TO THE COUNTRY LEGALLY. You don't sneak in, then expect the country to take care of you with all the freebees. My parents came here and went thru what they needed to become legal citizens. Our government has totally failed by giving in and giving all this free stuff to ILLEGALS. Free schooling, health benefits, now drivers licenses, you name it. One of worst things our government has done is to allow anchor babies. This is outrageous. The American people are smart enough to have babies they can afford, or should I say most americans. True Americans are not into overpopulating with anchor babies. Then I fault the government for taking so many years to legalize illegals that want to become AMERICAN the correct and legal way. FYI I'm not just talking about Mexicans. If you think illegals deserve all the freebees try going to another country and demand what we give you. We need to deport illegals, secure the borders and shorten the time it takes to become legalized citizens.
Whiskey Bent April 10, 2014 at 09:59 PM
Alberto, I understand and respect your libertarian views on immigration. They are quite different then Revolution. However your views only work if there is no government benefits being granted. Also why do you refer to those who disagree with you as radicals, extremist and hate speech?
Gus Gunderson April 12, 2014 at 11:18 AM
Alberto has drank the Kool aid. The laws apply to everyone but someone who is here illegally.


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