Frankenstorm Reminds Us It's A Small World

Patch wants to know your connection to Hurricane Sandy. Are you glued to CNN, praying for relatives, or are they evacuating to your spare room?

It's a small world, and it seems a little smaller today. After all, one storm is blanketing the entire East Coast.

Hurricane Sandy is at times an F1 hurricane, and at other times just a tropical storm. Maybe not just a tropical storm, but the tropical storm—the superstorm. No matter, it has our attention. All of our attention.

Atlantic City has suspended gambling, so you know it's a big deal. New York City, which has issued an evacuation warning, suspended subway service Sunday night.

Here in the safety of 85-degree weather, we're wondering what your thoughts are about the confluence of factors that seems to have very nearly created a perfect storm.

Do you have friends and relatives on the East Coast? What are they doing? What are you doing to help them, support them, encourage them? Are you making your spare room available to anyone who has evacuated the storm's crosshairs?

The American Red Cross, which has already mobilized its resources in anticipation, is encouraging those in Sandy's path to download the Hurricane Mobile App for their phones (search American Red Cross in iTunes).

Let us know your connection to Frankenstorm.

Kathi October 30, 2012 at 12:28 AM
Well, looks like at least one good thing which is that the storm arrived well ahead of high tide. So recent reports say that while it sure sounds bad, it could be well inland before high tides. Also its now not a hurricane, but 90 mph winds or gusts at least. So I thought that would make it a hurricane. I can not imagine what it is like with over 11' of storm surge in NY & other areas. Earlier I had read that it could get into the tunnels where the subway is & also where a lot of the electrical stuff is. That could take awhile to recover from I would think. I hope & pray that in those areas with the high storm surge, that those who were seen walking around earlier have had the sense to flee to much higher & safer ground.
Charles October 30, 2012 at 12:29 AM
I asked my pastor what my opinion should be and what I should think about FEMA and privatization. He told me my opinion should be that all the rich people steal the FEMA money from the poor (and the SLA) to build special freeways and missiles. So, therefore, we should take all the rich people's (especially those who snort the marijuana stuff) money and give it to FEMA to stop selling drugs to the Soviets and build more schools in the inner city.
Kathi October 30, 2012 at 12:54 AM
RED ALERT! RED ALERT! No diapers or wipes, hurricane outside. Switching to dish towels and and kleenexes! This is a Facebook post from 8 hours ago that I just saw from my cousin's husband in way N VA. But Grandma told them to come on over as they have wipes & maybe some diapers & a generator. But 4 hours ago he posted a link about some some Russian ship w 700 tons of gold being lost. So I guess they aren't in a lot of distress. He also said it was mostly just windy & rainy then. & I guess they must have power for them to be posting on FB. At least 4 hours ago.
Kathi October 30, 2012 at 12:56 AM
I should point out that he has quite a sense of humor. I didn't see his wife posting on his page yet today (the one who is out here in OC). So she must be pretty confident that they are ok.
Gabrielle Block October 30, 2012 at 01:04 AM
Actually, the explanation that I've heard for the early voting trends is that the a lot of the people who have been going in for early voting are in demographic groups that tend to be more Democratic than the population as a whole - for instance, young first-time voters. It's not a case of an overall swing in voter opinion. I'm not sure whether the election could be postponed, and I think it is very unlikely that the President could do so unilaterally. The Constitution is very specific about when the election is to be held. I realize that the President (and the Federal government as a whole) do a lot of things that are not specified in the Constitution, but generally those are things where the Constitution doesn't say something or only says something in general terms, not cases where the Constitution specifically says to do something else.


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