Children's Band Comes to SJC to Sing Stories, Teach Responsibilities

Clint Perry and The Boo Hoo Crew is set to become a regular feature at Panera.

A storybook turned into a song, which turned into a musical group, which has now turned into regular entertainment for San Juan Capistrano's kids.

Beginning Nov. 5, Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew will play 9:30-10:30 a.m. at Panera in the first and third Mondays of every month.

The music targets children, teaching the basics with “Potty in the Pot” and “AEIOU.” But the band mixes in just-for-fun rock n’ roll with “Pirate Booty” and “It’s Halloween.”  

The group's 50-plus songs teach kids about responsibility and how to use their imagination, said Clint Perry, songwriter and lead vocals in the Boo Hoo Crew. 

But it's all relatable. After an hour of singing and dancing, kids have made a new friend in the band, he said.

“The kids are always coming up and hugging us. One girl, a 2-year old, dressed up as ‘Clint Perry’ on Halloween,” he said.

The Storybook that Started it All

Playing characters from stories and songs is Perry’s way of getting his children motivated to do things that most kids aren't excited to do.

“Being a stay-at-home dad is already whimsical, imaginative,” Perry said.

Perry wrote the story Pack Rat Pat, Don’t Take That, as a remedy for children leaving their toys all over the house.

“The Pack Rat Pat book has a real fond place in my heart,” Perry said.

Perry plans on publishing the new Pack Rat Pat editions soon, giving parents entertaining ways to teach their children cleanliness and even about countries around the world. Perry said the newest Pack Rat Pat, Where You At? is about Pat finding objects from around the world, and kids get to guess where he has traveled.

A business owner and musician, Perry was looking for ways to share his book with other families. After reading his self-published book to children at San Diego-area libraries, Perry started singing songs with children to go along with his book and other classic children’s stories.

“I would take over the story time. Eventually then, the books faded away, because the kids got used to the music,” Perry said.

He and other parents started the band and dubbed it, “The Boo Hoo Crew,” playing shows for birthday parties and at kids’ locations all over and outside San Diego since the winter of 2011.

After more than 175 shows, the Crew takes children’s learning entertainment to San Juan Capistrano.

The Boo Hoo Crew

“We’re not normal, we get really silly and joke with the parents too,” Perry said.

Dan Townsend, one of the originals in the band and father to one daughter, plays the drums.

Sabrina Hoffman, mother of an adopted son, is an interactive singer and dancer with the kids in the audience.

Derek Wiback, the band’s comical relief and father to two daughters, plays bass.

Morgan Haley, the newest member and father to a young son, plays a variety of guitars for the band.

From Libraries to LEGOLAND

Perry, father of three sons, ages 6, 7 and 8, gets help on the business side from his wife, Stephanie, who has had a lot of experience with kids as a middle school mathematics teacher.

Among the group's fans are  the makers of Pirate’s Booty popcorn (using their Pirate Album, of course), Sealife Aquariums in Carlsbad, Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, and most recently LEGOLAND for its Trick or Treat nights.

Families who go to the Crew’s first San Juan Capistrano at Panera bread will get $1 off admission at Zoomars with their Panera receipt dated Monday, Nov. 5.

“We wear our fun and hearts on our sleeves,” Perry said.


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