West Coast Film Fest, Take 2

The second running of this fledgling festival features indie pics, Westerns ... and the King.

Are you ready for the second installment of the West Coast Film Festival?

This year’s event is multi-venued, adding the Performing Arts Center at , the and the La Sala community room at to anchor .

And the line-up? As eclectic as ever. Silent films, Western films, cartoons and indies. Check. Robert Redford, Steve McQueen and Elvis. Check. And a mystery movie premiere from Warner Bros.

Sunday, Aug. 19

1 p..m. Dolphin Tale will screen at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, and the prosthetic tale will be available for viewing.

5 p.m. To play upon the London Olympics theme, Chariots of Fire will play at . 

7 p.m. The Regency will show The Manzanar Fishing Club, feature-length documentary about the “stealth fisherman” of World War II’s Japanese internment camps. 

Monday, Aug. 20

10 a.m. For the Soul of Rafael, a silent film from the Mary Pickford Society, at the Regency 

10 a.m. How the West Was Won at La Sala.

2 p.m. The Regency will show Shakespeare High, a feature-length documentary about teens whose immersion in a high school drama program compels them to overcome their difficulties.

7 p.m. Deliverance at the Regency 

7:30 p.m. Selected readings from major motion pictures at the Camino Real Playhouse

8 p.m. Searchers at La Sala. 

Tuesday, Aug. 21

1 p.m. Old Goats, a comedy about three older men, at La Sala

1 p.m. Space Jam/Loony Tunes/”Tom & Jerry” at the Regency

4 p.m. Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams 

7 p.m. a Warner Bros. premiere at the Regency

Wednesday, Aug. 22

11 a.m. Steve McQueen’s Bullitt at La Sala

1 p.m. The Brothers Warner, a documentary, with featured speaker Cass Warner at the Regency 

3 p.m. Kinyarwanda, a Sundance Festival film  at the Regency

4:30 p.m. Happy Feet Two at the Ocean Institute

7:30 p.m. Viva Las Vegas at the Regency

8 p.m. Jeremiah Johnson at La Sala 

Thursday Aug. 23

Noon Bonnie and Clyde at La Sala 

1:30 Natural Selection, a decorated indie film, at the Regency

4 p.m. A Not So Still Life, a documentary about an artist injured in an accident, at the Regency 

7 p.m. The Wild Bunch at the Regency 

The film festival is a culmination of a dream for Stephanie Heredia. Her husband, Robert Kline, helped Craig Prater and Sonny Bono start the Palm Springs International Film Festival. He still maintains a home there and is bi-municipal.

Perhaps the West Coast Film Festival won’t achieve Palm Springs or  – yet, but Kline and Heredia still believe it will put San Juan Capistrano on the map for a completely new reason.

Mark Bodenhamer, CEO of the San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce, hopes so, too.

“People who travel for arts and cultural purposes spend 1 ½ times more money and stay 1.2 days longer” than people who travel for sight-seeing and attraction purposes, he said.

See here for ticketing.


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