Another Gas Station Bites the Dust

Caltrans moves to fence off another property it needs to expand the I-5 interchange at Ortega Highway.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Updated Dec. 17 to include information from Caltrans that it was Chevron which shut down its own gas station ahead of Caltrans taking the property.

Another gas station bit the dust Thursday as Caltrans shut down the Chevron on the east side of the I-5 interchange at Ortega Highway.

The move is to make way for the multimillion-dollar overhaul of the interchange that will include a “cloverleaf” northbound on ramp right where the now-abandoned Chevron station sits.

Construction is scheduled to begin in February.

Caltrans cordoned off two properties, the Chevron on the west side of the freeway and the Jack in the Box, in late October.

A Caltrans official told city leaders in November that once the state agency acquires a property through eminent domain proceedings in court, businesses have about 24 hours’ notice to vacate the property.

However, with this property, Chevron moved to close it down itself, ahead of finalizing the condemnation, said Caltrans spokesman David Richardson. 

Caltrans has set up a website which will include daily updates once the project is under way.


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