Readers' Choice: Nominate the Best SJC Grocery Store

San Juan Capistrano has some big chains and some smaller mom-and-pops. Which one do you prefer?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nominations are now closed. Stay tuned for the polling.

It never fails, you either forgot the milk for your kid’s cereal or the rice to accompany the chicken meal you sweated over cooking for dinner.

When you need a quart of milk, a loaf of bread, or a specialty item to create an award-wining dish even Chef Gordon Ramsay would love, what grocery store do you frequent?

San Juan Capistrano has its two big supermarkets, and . But we also have mercados, a more health-oriented store in and an upscale grocery in . And let's not forget our roadside vegetable stand, . Which is your go-to grocery?

Tell us your favorite spots in the comments section below.

We'll accept nominations until July 9.

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