Business Helps You Walk on Water

Stand up paddle surfing showroom opens in San Juan Capistrano.

Company officials at  – a stand up paddle surfboard manufacturer – believe its new factory showroom in San Juan Capistrano may be the largest in the world. 

Last week, SUP ATX had a grand opening at its new location of 32401 Calle Perfecto, displaying hundreds of paddle boards.  

Founded in 2008, the company's boards have spread across the world, riding the wave of the sport's growing popularity. SUP ATX Founder, Nick Matzorkis believes that stand up paddle surfing is a fun mode of water transportation, even if it's taken thousands of years to develop.

“Human beings are unique because we stand erect on two legs. The great majority of the earth's surface is covered with water. Human beings are made up mostly of water. Civilizations necessarily eminate from and around water sources,” Matzorkis said.

“Yet, it has taken humankind until the 21st century to put all these together and recognize stand up paddling as a viable means of water transportation for recreation, exercise, and functional transportation on a large scale," he said. 

SUP ATX is the No. 1 maker and seller of stand up paddling products across the world in price, customer service and quality, Matzorkis said. They sell directly to retailers, distributors and consumers and accept orders of any amount.

“Everyone who sees stand up paddling wants to know what it is, then they want to try it, and when they do, invariably love it. That was my experience and that's why I launched SUP ATX, to make this great sport accessible to the greatest number of people possible worldwide,” Matzorkis said. 

University of California, Irvine student Cleo Tobbi is very excited about the latest addition to San Juan.

“I have been stand up paddling for a few years and I absolutely love it. I am really looking forward to checking out the new SUP ATX showroom because I’ve used their paddle boards before, so I know what great quality they are,” Tobbi said. 

Stand up paddling is quickly growing in recognition, said Mandy Lausche, communications manager of Surf Industry Manufacturers Association.

"SUP is considered both a competitive sport and a leisure activity. It's just like surfing or skiing in that you can both compete or just simply do it as an activity. The International Surfing Association just added SUP to their competition list," Lausche said.


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