Two Recently Re-Elected Capo Trustees Seek Countywide Offices

After two elections and three years of service, two school board members file papers for new positions. One of them is poised to face a political enemy.

John Alpay, left, and Gary Pritchard, right, are two Capistrano Unified School District trustees now seeking countywide office.
John Alpay, left, and Gary Pritchard, right, are two Capistrano Unified School District trustees now seeking countywide office.

Often volatile Capistrano Unified School District politics may spill over into races for countywide offices. Fourteen months after being re-elected to the Capistrano Unified school board, two trustees are now seeking new positions on the June ballot.

Board President John Alpay filed papers this past week to run for Orange County Public Administrator, who handles the estates of people who die without a will or trust. Besides being a school board member, Alpay is director of legal affairs at Oakley in Foothill Ranch.

Meanwhile, Gary Pritchard, also a CUSD trustee, filed to run for Orange County Clerk-Recorder.

The public administrator election sets up an interesting race. Also running so far are Steve Rocco and Ken Lopez Maddox. Along with Pritchard, Alpay was part of the new majority that unseated part of what was called Capo Unified’s “reform board,” in part by recalling Lopez Maddox, in November 2010.

Rocco, a perennial candidate for office, spent one term on the Orange Unified school board. He also notoriously was caught stealing a bottle of ketchup from Chapman University.

So far, Pritchard is squaring off with incumbent Hugh Nguyen and Lopez Maddox’s wife Monica Lopez Maddox.

Both offices are nonpartisan. Allies at Capo, Alpay has been an active Republican and Pritchard an active Democrat.

Mission Viejo Mom January 06, 2014 at 01:58 AM
Neither on of these clowns is qualified beyond being on a school board.
Dawn Urbanek January 06, 2014 at 08:42 AM
They are not qualified to even be Trustee. A trustees job is to represent students and the Public in all matters before the Board. If you look at the voting records of both John Alpay and Gary Pritchard- they always vote to support Union positions over what is in the best interest of students. They have increased employee compensation every year at CUSD and have voted for class size increases, furlough days, deferring maintenance and cutting programs as a means of balancing the Districts budget. Trustees Alpay and Pritchard do not understand that they have a legal "fiduciary duty" to represent the students and the public. If elected to a higher office both of these men will continue to represent the Unions that elected them and not the people they are elected to represent.
concerned parent January 06, 2014 at 10:42 AM
Both have taken actions that have a direct adverse effect on the quality of education of CUSD students. The idea that either of these men would go on to higher office is disgusting. John Alpay as a "guardian" when he's failed to protect his primary constituency of students? What a travesty.
Capo Parent January 07, 2014 at 04:34 PM
Evidently, we live in the land of Oz, where the arrogant and inept strive to lead us. Where's Fleming when you need him?


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