Letter to Governor Brown Requesting that the New LCFF Base Grant Be Increased

On March 26th, I sent a letter to Governor Brown regarding the States New Local Control Funding Formula. The full letter can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WCSUA6CP4ofuy0hJhxKmE9Do0Psrb3ruwqKfsJO3LIY/edit I would encourage all parents and taxpayers to contact their legislature and ask that the base grant be increased to a minimum of $9,500. 

In a recent interview with EdSource regarding the cost to expand transitional kindergarten, Senate pro Tem Darrell Steinberg made the following comment:

“When I think about what we spend money on in this state, what we spend on education and the amount of surplus dollars we are experiencing, whether (the ‘Transitional Kindergarten’ program expansion) costs $990 million or $1.46 billion, there’s not a better investment we could make"



Before the State of California considers using “surplus” tax revenue to add a 14th year to our public education system, the State should first ensure that students currently enrolled in K-12 have the resources they need to achieve the democratic ideal of helping all children to achieve their full potential; no matter how rich or how poor, no matter what their race or ethnicity. The State has a Constitutional obligation to provide EVERY student with a basic FREE and EQUAL education.

A basic education is defined as providing students with the funding that is necessary to provide ALL students with access to qualified teachers in clean, safe schools with access to free instructional materials.

The Capistrano Unified School District has been forced to cut $152.9 million from its budget since 2006. Even with the passage of Prop 30, and additional funding under the State’s New LCFF law, the Capistrano Unified School District remains severely underfunded. The continual lack of adequate funding has resulted in a notable decline in student performance across all demographics.

Per Pupil Spending Under The New LCFF:

The new law changes the way the State funds school districts providing a universal base grant of $6,500 per student; then giving those Districts with a higher population of disadvantaged students more funding.

Under the New Local Control Funding Formula CUSD will receive $6,773 in per pupil funding for 2014- 2015. ($6,500 Base Grant + $273 Supplemental Grant + 0 Concentration Grant).

Base Grant: $ 6,500 per student (equal for every student in the State).

Supplemental Grant: $273.00

Additional funding that is based on the percentage of students in the District that are English Language Learners, Receiving Free and Reduced Lunch, or are in Foster Care.

English Language Learners in CUSD

10% of all Students in CUSD are English Language Learners. 81.7% of English Language Learners are socioeconomically disadvantaged:

  • Asian: 279 or 5.3%

  • Black or African American: 15 or .37%

  • Hispanic: 4,466 or 85%

  • White not Hispanic: 150 or 2.9%

  • Special Education: 15.6% or 816

  • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged: 4,265 or 81.7%

Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students

24.1% (12,793 students) are Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students

Source: http://capousd.ca.schoolloop.com/file/1229223560406/1218998864154/1463621950735616281.pdf Board Agenda #4, Exhibit 4, Slide 3 and 8

Concentration Grant: -0-

Additional money for Districts that have targeted students exceeding 55% of the student population. Targeted students are: English Language Learners, receiving Free and Reduced Lunch, or are in Foster Care.

  • CUSD % English Language Learners 10%

  • CUSD % Socioeconomically Disadvantaged: 24.1%

< than 55% so CUSD does not qualify for any Concentration Grant funds.

Per Pupil Spending

  • Capistrano Unified School District 2014- 2015: $6,773

  • Average in the State of California: $9,139

  • Average in the United States: $10,560

Under the new law, the amount of funding is projected to increase to $8,271 per pupil by 2021. Even at projected 2021 revenues, CUSD will continue to be severely underfunded. The State must increase the Base Grant to an amount that is sufficient to provide all students with a basic education.

The Base Grant should be a minimum of $9,500 per student

Source: http://capousd.ca.schoolloop.com/cms/page_viewd=x&piid=&vpid=1392894044236

Source: http://www.lao.ca.gov/reports/2013/edu/lcff/lcff-072913.aspx

For Perspective: Compare ADA’s for All Districts in the State of California Schools: http://www.dof.ca.gov/reports_and_periodicals/district_estimate/documents/LCFF_Funding_Estimates.pdf

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