Opinion: Democrats Win Big. Congratulations, Now Lead

The Democrats won big in 2012. Now there are no excuses, they must lead and show their vision for America.

The general elections of 2012 were a big win by the Democratic Party.  Congratulations on your victory.  The Democrats did the best job of selling their message and getting their base out to vote.  For the next two years, they will have the momentum, and will control a majority of the Federal Government.  In California the Democrats did even better.  It was an outstanding selling job by the Governor and the California Democratic Party.

In the aftermath of the election I am listening to Republicans talking about the need to expand the “big tent,” to reach out to minorities, change their thinking on
abortion, and compromise on illegal aliens.  I would suggest, if your beliefs are tied to the last election, that may be a reason you lost the election.  If it is only about winning, and not about your beliefs, that may be a reason you lost.  History did not start November 6, 2012 and it will not end November 2016.

To the “big tenters” I would say, as a Conservative, my beliefs do not revolve around an election.  Regardless of the recent vote I remain a firm believer in life, small government, individual freedom and Capitalism. 

As a Conservative I reside in the Republican Party because they are closest to my beliefs, but will not be changing my beliefs to “expand the big tent.”  Three million Republicans did not vote. Maybe Republicans should work on the tent they already have.  There was a reason these folks did not vote.

I keep thinking of a visit I made to a Communist country.  I saw it was divided between the haves and the have nots.  The majority of people were walking (very few cars on the street) with their heads down, their pace a weary saunter, wearing clothing that lacked color or definition.  These people lived in cities which were once beautiful, but now appear to be on the verge of collapse from neglect.  I saw the privileged elite, (who I was told were government officials) at the tourist hotel.  The only regular citizens in that hotel, worked there.  So I’ve seen how this story of big government, divided populations and promises of cradle to grave care works out in the end. 

These people did not have a life, they had an existence. They were told they lived in a workers paradise where everybody was equal. I will continue to do everything possible to slow the arrival of that day here in America.

So here are some numbers I wrote down on November 5. I suggest you save these numbers and take another look at them in two and four years. The numbers will be the score card to show the level of success of your ideas.  The Dow Jones Average was at 13,100.  The unemployment rate was 9.7% with the U-6 rate of unemployed/underemployed at 14.6%.  There were 22,600,000 people either
unemployed or underemployed.  CNS news reports 5,785,000 of the unemployed are women. According to the Washington Post the average income was $50,964 per year. The Huffington Post reports 46.7 million Americans on food stamps in June 2012.  The U.S. work force numbered 143,465,207.  The deficit was $16 trillion.  These numbers indicate a trend that would lead to a lifestyle much like the communist country I visited.

So this is a snapshot of where we start with the Democrats holding the Presidency and the Senate.  It is a time to fix the problems we have in this country.  Many of our problems are structural.  The election tells us many are counting on the Democrats to assume a leadership position.  At the same time, this is not a time for Republicans to abandon their core beliefs.  Citizens voted in a Republican House for a reason.

While we will support genuine efforts to expand our economy, this blog will continue to pursue Conservative ideas.  Why? Because history says this is the way to freedom for the individual. 

We will continue to look to the Constitution for guidance. 

We will continue to pray to God, to protect and guide us. 

When there is a question of the right direction, we will lean toward smaller
government and more individual freedom. 

Someone once said that Freedom was not free. Freedom must be earned by each generation. Today our young military people are dying for this country to guarantee continued freedom.  In the coming two years the political class will have a chance to prove they have what it takes to stand with those brave young warriors.  Our problems can be solved with strong leadership.

So there you have it, Democrats. You did a great job of winning an election. Now, your charge is to lead in a constructive way. Giving away cell phones, food stamps and generous government handouts will not lead families to grow and prosper. 

Loud rhetoric, about what the other guys are doing, is not leadership. It is not Bush's fault, he is history; you are now responsible.  Leadership is painting a picture of a great America, where everybody has a chance to reach their potential, and then making it happen for anyone willing to put in the work to succeed. 

We don’t want handouts; we want hand ups for everybody regardless of their political beliefs.

Good luck Democrats, we are truly praying for you to be successful.  If you are successful, the Country will reward you with more years of leadership.

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