My Thoughts About Capo Valley High, Volume 1

Teen's thoughts on Capo, first volume. Involves clubs, schoolwork, and class hierarchies.

It's really a rather nice school, Capo Valley High. It has what I want, but I found out fairly quickly I need to take action to get that.

I'm part of the ATMS (Academy of Technology Math Science) program, which, to fill in, is like the GATE program in elementary/middle school, focusing on accelerated math, science, and English classes. I'm not going to lie, they're hard classes. However, it has that kind of mental stimulation I need. I can't just sit in a course and coast through. I just get frustrated and annoyed by the lack of interest in it.

I'm vice president of the Capo Robotics Club, and with the help of my friend (who shall just be named V) we started the once-dead club up again, and it's got a very supportive base. It's not the largest interest group in the school, but I'm really happy with the enthusiasm everyone has about building our first robot.

Some of the school is rather annoying though. My main complaint is that it's very hierarchal in some aspects. The administration is attempting to break this down a little bit (mostly to the outrage of the seniors, as shown in every copy of the CVHS Times) and it's getting better, but I find it very counter-productive to have a system like that at all. If everyone is there for an education, great, we're all peers, right? With a hierarchy, it (sometimes unintentionally) creates bad feelings between inferior groups towards the higher-placed ones. I've noticed this isn't really a problem at Capo, but it is at some other schools, and I find it ridiculous.

Anyways, that's it for me delaying any more work to get done before school starts up again.

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Christopher M. January 11, 2013 at 07:21 AM
I'm more indifferent about CAPO. I don't really have a lot of pluses for it, more negative (like the lay out). I like some of the teachers I have as classes and a little more freedom at lunch time. But I don't really like the layout of the school. A really kind of out there idea I've thought of before is if CAPO (perhaps even CUSD) had some sort of democracy or voting system (Ex: some of the major rules that are made, but that would have it's own issues.
Peter Schelden January 11, 2013 at 04:59 PM
What sort of rules do you want to vote on, Christopher?


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