Anonymous “Send in the Clowns” hit piece outrages public.

Mayor Allevato’s desperation to hold on to a $360/mo job was in plain view with the latest “Send in the Clowns” mailer.  This week’s $5,000 bit-o-glossy-propaganda marks a new low for the Allevato machine as they anonymously mock, demean and marginalize citizens seeking legitimate political redress from a non-responsive government.   

Frankly as one of the “RECALL buffoon”  working earnestly to OVERHAUL A BROKEN Council majority that includes Larry Kramer, John Taylor & Sam Allevato I am startled by these tactics and the money being spent to retain political power and easy access to our collective wallets.   

The outlandishness of the Mayor’s “clown message” makes this an opportune time to review WHY we “clowns” are spending our weekends meeting neighbors to gather  Recall signatures ….instead of relaxing with our families.


It’s not just because the Allevato majority REFUSES to deliver cheaper less corrosive water to OUR homes.


Or…that they continue to fight a COURT ORDERED roll back of ILLEGAL punitive tiered rates including refunding millions of dollars  in illegal  “recycled” water charges.


Or, because the Mayor’s majority ignores the environmental threat and potential clean-up costs of the salt water intrusion caused by depleting our vital ground water tables.


Or, the fact that all 3 men agree that its OK for San Juan Capistrano residents to pay the entire cost  of a faulty REGIONAL  emergency ground water plant that will serve 3 other OC communities who pay nothing.


Or, even because  Mr. Allevato’s majority knowingly trampled the 1st Amendment when they kicked a local “watchdog” publication, CCS off ALL CITY PROPERTY.


Beyond the obvious water & 1st Amendment grievances...this recall reflects our determination to have done with a political machine that treats our wallets like a piggy bank and our village like a speed bump for their next housing project. This recall is the 1st step towards RE-building a RESIDENT-CENTERED CITY HALL MAJORITY.   A durable new majority that consistently PROTECTS our quality of life and our wallets by figuring out how to curb the cost of local government rather than being beholding to a well-oiled political machine.


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Sunshine January 20, 2014 at 07:07 PM
I imagine it will be a three to two vote on those apartments near the high school. Mayor Sam and Larry Taylor and John Williams are the puppets of developers and will vote for the high density buildings. Derek and Roy will probably vote against the developers and for the high school, which, I believe, is the best solution for SJC residents. This is usually how it goes down. When have the three not voted in favor of the developers? Most of them are their "friends".
jim capistrano January 21, 2014 at 03:32 PM
...turn about is fair play....If Reeves thinks it's cute to name his dog Mohammed...I think it's cute to name my dog Cripple...
Whiskey Bent January 21, 2014 at 03:47 PM
Jim you can name your dog anything. However 150 million people are named Muhammad. You're calling all disabled people crippled. Get it?
Gus Gunderson January 21, 2014 at 03:57 PM
The example you are setting for your children, grandchildren and others Jim Capistrano is disgusting. To make fun of someone who is physically challenged is just disgusting. Maybe you should arrive in this century and have respect for people whom must overcome gargantuan obstacles everyday just to live life. I will pray that you or no one in your family shall ever have to endure what a person with physical challenges must endure every day. There is not a category for the type of humor that you have displayed other than gross.
Tornado Johnson January 24, 2014 at 11:19 AM
My research shows Tom Scott the tax returns for the play house that you have employees, but you do not pay payroll taxes. One year does show over $140,000 in Staff Fees, but no payroll taxes. How does that work?


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