LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cuts Will Hurt the Children

Reader calls for a neutral negotiator to represent students at the bargaining table where Capo Unified and the teachers union are looking for $50 million in cuts.

Regarding the article in the Patch, :

No pay cuts for teachers, 15 furlough days and increased class sizes – done behind closed doors with no public input. 

The only solution to "save the children" – vote for tax increases!

"About $18 million in cuts can be restored, Farley said, if the voters pass Gov. Brown’s November ballot initiative for temporary sales tax hikes and on increased taxes on those making $250,000-plus."


Please do not allow this misinformation to be repeated. This is not a "tax on the rich." A sales tax is regressive and affects the poor more than all others.

Further this is not a tax on millionaires. This tax tax starts at $250,000. And finally, this tax increase will not restore anything to the classroom; two-thirds of this revenue will go to backfill the teachers' pension fund.

Absolutely disgusting for the California Teachers Association to further cut school days and increase class sizes and lobby for tax increases to backfill their own pensions; rather than take an actual pay cut so that children in can actually get an education. How sad for the children in CUSD and the future of our community.

There is no one sitting at the collective bargaining table that represents what is in the best interest of children. Parents should DEMAND a neutral negotiator, and request that all negotiations occur in public and be videotaped and put online. 

Our children need a seat at the collective bargaining table if we are to restore California's public education system to the high standards it was once famous for.

Parents in CUSD cannot even rely on the PTA to be an advocate for children. The power of the PTA comes from parents who trust the PTA organization to advocate from the position of “what is in the best interest of children.”

Although the PTA is chartered as an "advocacy organization;" it does very little to be "an advocate" on behalf of CUSD's children. Instead the PTA has become nothing more than a "fundraising organization" for the CTA. Parents have no where to go for unbiased accurate information which is necessary for them to make decisions about the education of their children.

The PTA has done nothing to help parents understand that it is the job of the union to represent its members at the collective bargaining table. The union, AKA your child's teacher, is not looking out for your child when it comes to contract negotiations.

That is why most of the $100 million dollars in previous cuts to the CUSD budget have come from the children ... and rarely from cuts to salaries, pensions and benefits. This $50 million dollar cut will is no different. 

Education is no longer about "the children." It is about "maintaining adult jobs" no matter what the cost to the future of our kids. 

Please read . Most teachers are still getting pay increases. Check out your own school and your own teacher to see why the children get less and less every year.

Frieda Wales June 14, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Capo Unified has had decades to fix this and it's only getting worse. Only fools have hope. We have dysfunctional districts and greedy unions. Nothing new will work. Nothing old works.
Frieda Wales June 14, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Shellie if they would only come down to the lowest common demonizer it would help the kids. The district cannot move forward, and it can't go back either.
Yeparoo June 14, 2012 at 06:57 PM
@Dan Avery - Sorry, education doesn't start before safety. Go back and study Maslow's hierarchy of needs. My guess is you don't have children. Trust me, it all changes when you do. I appreciate and am not diminishing the role of education to help it's citizens to elevate their standard of living. I feel more comfortable sticking with my order out of fear. Maslow's hierarchy of needs - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs 1) Physiological needs 2) Safety (The police) - Personal security - Financial security - Health and well-being - Safety net against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts 3) Love and belonging 4) Esteem 5) Self-actualization (Don't think this one is going above #2 any time soon) 6) Self-transcendence The dot.com bubble did help. But the major difference was on the spending side of the equation and the selling of assets. But glad you brought up what I'm guessing is the perceived wealth effect of the dot.com. Why isn't the current stock market rise having the wealth effect impact Bernanke thought it would? I mean, we are mortgaging my children's and unborn grandchildren with unforgivable debt. http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=%5Egspc+interactive#symbol=%5Egspc;range=my;compare=;indicator=volume;chartt
Dan Avery June 14, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Yeparoo, The problem with your "My guess is that you don't have children," gambit is that it's a logical fallacy. It sets up this select group, those with kids, who magically have everything changed for them and become more knowing because of it. In reality, however, everything changes for everyone regardless of if they marry, have children, etc. It's called life. Changes happen. We all have the same chances to gain wisdom. You're practicing "exclusion" when you argue by using those tactics, but they don't really further your point that safety must come first. A childless woman can be just as selfish and put their safety first over the well-being of society just like you can having had kids. Meanwhile, the things like crime that make us feel less safe are still tied to economic and educational forces. In other words, drop outs tend to live in the lower economic strata and they tend to create more crime than those with an education living in the same economic level. The reason for this is simple. They weren't taught how to think critically and so they really can't "see" any alternatives. Of course, that is overly simplistic, but there's a word limit imposed in the comments.
Yeparoo June 14, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Ok Dan Avery - You win. Go cash your chips in and collect the free egg and steak breakfast.


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