Jerry Nieblas, president of the Capistrano Historic Alliance Committee makes his case on why the new attraction at Zoomars should be removed.

To begin, please allow us to share our mission statement of the Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee: "With integrity, the Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee proudly recognizes, respects and honors ALL the historical elements of San Juan Capistrano — its land, its structures, its families and its traditions..."

That being said, in San Juan Capistrano, and it's caused quite a "roar," no pun intended. Two facets exist in this controversy, the historical and the factual.

First, the historical —  is one of the oldest, historical neighborhoods in the state of California and is designated as such with the National Historic Register. The National Historic Register has its own set of guidelines which must be upheld. Sacred land and memories are being violated.  

has stated its intention to create a mini-dinosaur area.  Frankly, there's nothing wrong with a dinosaur learning/play area for children. It's not a bad idea, it's the WRONG location.

Last and most importantly, the facts — A dangerous precedence has been set. Zoomars did not get permission from the City Council, Cultural Heritage Commission or the Planning Department. Zoomars did not pull permits and Zoomars did not consult with Code Enforcement of SJC. The most bothersome is that Zoomars directly violated the Los Rios Specific Plan. Residents and businesses alike on Los Rios Street are obligated to abide by the plan. Zoomars needs to be held accountable and should remove the dinosaur until the issues of compliance, etc. are decided.

The bottom line is that all of this was avoidable if Zoomars had followed due process, instead of exercising blatant disregard for well established laws and ordinances.

On behalf of the Capistrano Historical Alliance Committee,
Jerry Nieblas

wschrimp June 22, 2012 at 05:54 AM
This is just so ridiculous. Can someone please get their objections straight? Is it that they say Dinosaurs have no place in the Los Rios District or is it that the proper "procedures" according to this committee were not followed? Maybe instead of a Dinosaur, they should be more true to the history of the area and put in a Bordello? Give them a break. All they are trying to do at Zoomars is to bring a more educational experience to the kids at the same time bring more dollars into the community. Are the people of this city ever going to wake up and realize that this city is going to over regulate us right into bankruptcy. Continue to over regulate the businesses in this city, and they will continue to leave at an alarming rate and take their tax dollars with them along with all of the residual business that they bring to this town. I have seen business after business leave this city and have talked with many business owners who would rather open up a new business in Dana Point than here in our city. You cannot keep paying businesses millions of dollars to move into San Juan in hopes of the promise of future tax dollars. Zoomars is a place for kids, what is more appropriate than a dinosaur? It is not like they are painting their buildings the "wrong color" or putting in multi story structure that can be seen from town. What a big waste of time this issue is, when there are so many more important things to focus on these days.


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