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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Unbecoming Behavior

Another take on what happened with endorsements at the Orange County Republican Central Committee.

By Kathy Hooper

Really you guys?

Oh, my goodness….What has this community come to? 

I have lived in this community for 32 years, and I have seen my share of uncomfortable/mean-spirited/nasty campaigns, but Roy Byrnes and Kim McCarthy, you take the cake.

For two people that claim to “care so much” about San Juan, thanks but NO thanks. I for one DO NOT want your type of “caring” in my life or in this community. 

I was at the Republican Committee meeting Monday night Oct. 15, when Ms. McCarthy was admonished for her lies and total disrespect for the committee and the process. She was reminded that the committee was aware that “she had supported and contributed to other parties, while asking for the endorsement of this party.”

The chairperson of the committee informed the attendees “this committee was mislead from the beginning with untruths, misstatement of facts and exaggerations by McCarthy and Byrnes.”

You two were told by the committee “that your misconduct, lack of respect for the committee and lies were something the committee would not accept." The endorsement given to you two, by the committee was then revoked because of your actions. 

There was a reason for that action by the committee, fellow San Juan residents. If shows us if they as candidates are willing to lie and be that disrespectful to get what they wanted from a committee which could give them the one word they sought – "endorsement" – what will they do to "earn" this community? Where does it stop?

Don’t you think you need to be responsible and take responsibility for your actions? You cannot possibly think that you are entitled to that kind of deception and not have to answer to anyone.

You do have to answer to the citizens of this town. Believe it or not, honesty, respect, concern and responsibility for actions is important or should be to all of us, and we should expect NO less than that.

Kathy Hooper

San Juan Capistrano

Whiskey Bent October 19, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Ms. Hooper, you mam are a disgrace. You attend the meeting with Larry and Chris Kramer as well as Jonathon Volzke and proceed to boo, hiss and shout out “liar” during the meeting. Was that respect for the committee and the process? Your group did the exact same thing last night at a public forum. Is that respect for the process? You were the one who encouraged the violation of state law on the commission you sit on. You were the one that killed the “Smooth Puss” tradition. You were the one that actively blocked disabled people from participating in our parade. You are one of the biggest bullies in San Juan and your reign is coming to an end. Oh and before throwing “stones,” be aware Allevato and Kerr lied about supporting Democrats, receiving money from unions, and about advocating raising taxes. Really you guys?
Clint Worthington October 19, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Is this the same Kathy Hooper that required the entire City Council, and all of the commissions to take a two hour Brown Act course because she violated the Brown Act. I believe it is. Keep in mind, that your candidates (Allevato and Kerr) were not nominated for endorsement. In fact, they did not even show up for the sub committee meeting. Sam Allevato did not get the endorsement even with Diane Harkey standing next to him. Of course, there was the little problem of Sam Allevato and his standing behind Larry Agran (a Democrat) that the Republican Central Committee did not think highly of. In addition, there is also the instance of Sam Allevato taking donations from a public employees union, the Orange County Professional Firefighters. In fact, Sam even listed them as one of his endorsements on Patch. I know it is embarrassing for Sam that a sitting Republican City Council Member could not get the endorsement of the Republican Central Committee even with Diane Harkey standing next to him. It is true.
Jim Reardon October 20, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Political criticism is as old as the country. We all need to be tolerant of it, or get out of the kitchen. But I grow tired of watching Democrats issue opinions about the differences within the Republican Party. And I'm growing even less tolerant of Republicans who put up with it. I respect your opinion, Kathy, but I'm wondering.. You seem to be the only Republican among those who went to the meeting from SJC. You were accompanied by Larry Kramer (DS), who "voted for Obama" in 2008, and Jonathan Volzke (D), who is a partisan. Did you think you were all going to the meeting of a social club? Nobody is ENTITLED to the Republican Party endorsement. There are five Republican candidates running in SJC for two positions. Are you surprised that this particular endorsement would be controversial? There were certainly other long-term and reliable Republicans from SJC at all of these meetings with views differing from your own. This whole line of campaigning should be dropped -- especially by Republicans. Ideological opponents of the Republican Party relish the internacine struggles that merely weaken us at the polls. It is unfortunate that you're still talking about all this merely 17 days before the election while undecided voters try to judge what to do with ballots already in their hands. Please don't refer to anyone as a liar -- or make such an inference. Your are writing about an internal Republican struggle. Vote for anyone you want, but keep it clean yourself.
John Gamos October 20, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Things just continue to surprise me. I had to think for quite awhile as to how I was going to explain to my son why we could not easily find a Smooth Puss badge that year and the reason for it. He took a huge amount of pride in his collection as the colors and design (the year of the badge) changed every year. The reasons I read on Patch were so selfish of you Mrs. Hooper that for your selfish reasons, the Smooth Puss badge was in limited quantity. I say selfish, because it was only you that was thinking the Smooth Puss badge was anything else than a great western tradition. When I read all of these other things on here about you, they are not flattering. As I tell my kids, I think you may need to do some self reflection as you are a critic of others when you own home is not clean. Shame on you Kathy Hooper.
Jonathan Volzke October 24, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Jim -- Me, a partisan? I've never even been to France! That said, I did vote yes for Reagan, one of the Bushes and yes on Prop 227 a long time ago. My registration as a Democrat was in protest to the GOP "family" issues. I support an individual's right to make up their own minds about things within their bodies. Remember the Terri Shiavo case? And I know you get upset that we outsiders are "meddling" in a Republican Party issue, but isn't our right to be upset that the Republican Party is getting involved in SJC issues that are declared non-partisan?
kathy holman October 25, 2012 at 05:44 PM
That doesn't sound like the Kathy Hooper I know....she has been a City Commissioner since 1985:currently serves as the Chairperson for the Park, Recreation & Seniors. She's been on the Fiesta Assn. board for 26 yrs and doesn't have the ability to enforce any rule or reg. without a majority vote. How then could she ban the smooth puss button or mechanized wheel chairs? She serves on the Board for the 1/11 Marines & has represented SJC during the Change of Command celebrations. She volunteers for all their Family Day events, throws baby showers & baby sits for the families. In fact, last Friday she drove down to the base & helped watch 17 "Baby Marines". She opens her home to the Marines on Thanksgiving and Christmas & makes sure all the gifts donated through our city get to the families on time & is the first woman awarded Citizen of the Year. Phew...I don't know about you but I'm worn out just thinking about all of this. It's quite a list of accomplishments & to top it all she manages to clean her house and do all the yardwork herself. With all these good deeds in mind can everyone please stop the character assassinations, mudslinging & bad mouthing and concentrate on electing two people to the council that will bring experience, dedication & class to the table?
M. Johnson October 28, 2012 at 04:57 AM
AMEN TO THAT Kathy Holman. That is the Kathy Hooper I've known for over 25 years too! How easy it is for a few maligners to assasinate a person's character, and the saddest part is that people will believe those lies without ever bothering to check the real facts!
Clint Worthington October 28, 2012 at 06:48 PM
M Johnson, you can go back and check the City Agenda minutes. All of the those items are in the City minutes. If she is going to criticize, then she must be able to accept her own criticism for her own behavior which again is documented in the minutes of the City. Her behavior is not something I would be proud of.
M. Johnson October 28, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Clint Worthington, Contrary to what you and your group does, I’m not willing to waste more taxpayers’ money by going to City Hall to ask for more records to prove a fact that is actually non-consequential to the issues our city faces today. When you mention behavior “not to be proud of,” it actually brings to mind the behavior of your “buddy” Derek Reeve, who has embarrassed our city on several occasions. One of those, while sitting at the dais, as an elected official! How embarrassing that he was labeled a “Pin Head,” on national TV by Bill O’Reilly for his stupid and thoughtless comment! Kim McCarthy and Roy Byrnes are cut by the same pair of scissors. Anyone supporting them, must be completely in the dark!
Whiskey Bent October 28, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Clearly this is bash Reeve week by the “crowd” in SJC. I’ll take Reeves character over Hooper any day. After what happened in Benghazi and Egypt, I believe Reeve was dead on.
M. Johnson October 29, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Publius SJC It's people like you that give us, Americans, a bad name around the world. Hopefully most people will realize that you are the small minority....just like the people that caused the tragedies in Benghazi and Egypt. It is an ignorant statement to blame all Muslims for what happened and to think that by insulting them it makes us better. Throwing out insults to people never solved any problem, it causes them!!!!
Clint Worthington October 29, 2012 at 01:19 AM
M Johnson, it is truly not your decision regarding "wasting taxpayer money for public records requests. The public records requests are a state law. You are welcome to change that law if you wish. Just to give you a heads up, the information is not free. All of the copies of the records have to be purchased. They are not free. In addition, the PRA was established to keep politicians and governments honest. I am sure that you are ok with that aren't you ?
Clint Worthington October 29, 2012 at 01:24 AM
M Johnson, thankfully in our country we are entitled to free speech and to think freely. I hope you are saying that it is ok to think differently than you do. M


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