LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Unbecoming Behavior

Another take on what happened with endorsements at the Orange County Republican Central Committee.

By Kathy Hooper

Really you guys?

Oh, my goodness….What has this community come to? 

I have lived in this community for 32 years, and I have seen my share of uncomfortable/mean-spirited/nasty campaigns, but Roy Byrnes and Kim McCarthy, you take the cake.

For two people that claim to “care so much” about San Juan, thanks but NO thanks. I for one DO NOT want your type of “caring” in my life or in this community. 

I was at the Republican Committee meeting Monday night Oct. 15, when Ms. McCarthy was admonished for her lies and total disrespect for the committee and the process. She was reminded that the committee was aware that “she had supported and contributed to other parties, while asking for the endorsement of this party.”

The chairperson of the committee informed the attendees “this committee was mislead from the beginning with untruths, misstatement of facts and exaggerations by McCarthy and Byrnes.”

You two were told by the committee “that your misconduct, lack of respect for the committee and lies were something the committee would not accept." The endorsement given to you two, by the committee was then revoked because of your actions. 

There was a reason for that action by the committee, fellow San Juan residents. If shows us if they as candidates are willing to lie and be that disrespectful to get what they wanted from a committee which could give them the one word they sought – "endorsement" – what will they do to "earn" this community? Where does it stop?

Don’t you think you need to be responsible and take responsibility for your actions? You cannot possibly think that you are entitled to that kind of deception and not have to answer to anyone.

You do have to answer to the citizens of this town. Believe it or not, honesty, respect, concern and responsibility for actions is important or should be to all of us, and we should expect NO less than that.

Kathy Hooper

San Juan Capistrano

M. Johnson October 28, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Clint Worthington, Contrary to what you and your group does, I’m not willing to waste more taxpayers’ money by going to City Hall to ask for more records to prove a fact that is actually non-consequential to the issues our city faces today. When you mention behavior “not to be proud of,” it actually brings to mind the behavior of your “buddy” Derek Reeve, who has embarrassed our city on several occasions. One of those, while sitting at the dais, as an elected official! How embarrassing that he was labeled a “Pin Head,” on national TV by Bill O’Reilly for his stupid and thoughtless comment! Kim McCarthy and Roy Byrnes are cut by the same pair of scissors. Anyone supporting them, must be completely in the dark!
Whiskey Bent October 28, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Clearly this is bash Reeve week by the “crowd” in SJC. I’ll take Reeves character over Hooper any day. After what happened in Benghazi and Egypt, I believe Reeve was dead on.
M. Johnson October 29, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Publius SJC It's people like you that give us, Americans, a bad name around the world. Hopefully most people will realize that you are the small minority....just like the people that caused the tragedies in Benghazi and Egypt. It is an ignorant statement to blame all Muslims for what happened and to think that by insulting them it makes us better. Throwing out insults to people never solved any problem, it causes them!!!!
Clint Worthington October 29, 2012 at 01:19 AM
M Johnson, it is truly not your decision regarding "wasting taxpayer money for public records requests. The public records requests are a state law. You are welcome to change that law if you wish. Just to give you a heads up, the information is not free. All of the copies of the records have to be purchased. They are not free. In addition, the PRA was established to keep politicians and governments honest. I am sure that you are ok with that aren't you ?
Clint Worthington October 29, 2012 at 01:24 AM
M Johnson, thankfully in our country we are entitled to free speech and to think freely. I hope you are saying that it is ok to think differently than you do. M


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