Molly's Restaurant was evacuated yesterday.

While I was having a late lunch at Molly's in San Juan Capistrano yesterday 7/31, a young man with his grandmother started screaming into a cell phone, but it was not a cell phone just holding his hand to his ear and shouting in the coffee shop. He was so loud and disturbing people started to ask that the server call 911. Sorry to say she refused. She said, the young man had autism. While this was probably true, he was about 250 lbs and 6ft tall. He was uncontrollable. His grandmother could not get him to agree to leave.   The man got louder and frightening. So, the restaurant started emptying out. I asked the server to call 911 several times and she refused. My point is, this was an unsafe situation for everyone. It was not up to the server to decide, not to call 911. The entire coffee shop emptied of patrons leaving just the young man with autism shouting at the top of his lungs and his elderly grandmother.   Many customers were upset. Leaving with their lunch in a box. Or just leaving. Molly's needs to have a plan for emergency situations.   I talked to other diners as they walked to their cars. They too, felt threatened. It was an unsafe situation.
Dan Avery August 19, 2013 at 01:13 PM
Wow, it's pretty clear that "the server" knew the young man. Otherwise how did she know he had autism? And it's pretty clear that Donna is one of those people who throw a fit when she doesn't get her own way; otherwise why would she take taken the time and trouble to write this down? Confronting the blank page is right up there with public speaking for most people. It's also pretty clear Donna is clinging to the rather feeble "you were not there" or ignorance as a defense, while practicing it herself by saying, repeatedly, "Molly's needs a plan." As Shri pointed out, Molly's may very well have a plan which includes letting the server access the risk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- You know, folks, "odd" doesn't play well in Orange County. People have to patience for it here. "Odd" is right up there with Black, Liberal, Muslim and so on. We don't like the unfamiliar and everyone should just stop it and act like we do. End of list.
GreenInOC August 19, 2013 at 08:19 PM
Wait, people were so threatened they had to leave... as soon as they had their food boxed?! Perhaps, the restaurant does have a policy in place. Sounds like they know this customer and understood exactly what was needed. Nobody has to have been a witness to ask why didn't YOU call 9-1-1- if you felt so threatened? Where's your personal responsibility in this? We're you too busy supervising the boxing up of your food?!
GreenInOC August 19, 2013 at 08:22 PM
Also, the headline, "Molly's Restaurant was evacuated yesterday." If they were evacuated, which agency evacuated the restaurant? How did they learn of the "threat" that called for an evacuation? Perhaps you meant, "People Who Didn't Like What Was Happening Left Molly's Restaurant Yesterday - Right After They Got Their To-Go Boxes"?!
Donna Fleming August 20, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Learn of a threat? If you heard screaming would you look up to see where and who was yelling. A man about 200lbs sitting in a booth was yelling and could not be silenced. The waitress told me she thought he had autism. The older woman with him could not get him under control. I heard her say we need to leave and he started yelling at her. "No not home." You know this has been over talked. It is done. Not everyone took their food in a bag, but they had to pay and it was chaotic. I did not take my lunch. Some people had just been served so, they did. You did not have a choice to stay. All patron left the restaurant. I even tipped the server. Give it a rest. It's over done.
GreenInOC August 20, 2013 at 05:20 PM
@Donna Fleming, who took away your choice to stay?! "Was Evacuated" implies that a third party ordered the departure of everyone. What you are describing is people DECIDING to wrap up their stay by getting their food boxed up to go, settling their checks, tip (yay, you?), etc... If there was a real threat and an actual evacuation ordered, NONE of those things would have happened. Why has this topic been "over talked" , is it because your opinion is not being supported? Give it a rest? You posted this and I commented. Are you unsure of how that works?


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