What "SURPLUS" Money? CUSD Students Are Still Being Furloughed?

A Quote from Darrell Steinberg - regarding the additional $1.46 billion cost of expanding transitional kindergarten:

 “When I think about what we spend money on in this state, what we spend on education and the amount of surplus dollars we are experiencing, whether (the program expansion) costs $990 million or $1.46 billion, there’s not a better investment we could make"

Say What?

Our current K- 12 students have class sizes that are the largest in the State of California:
Kindergarten: 30.5 students to 1 teacher  
Grades 1-5: 31.5 students to 1 teacher  
Grades 6-8: 32.5 students to 1 teacher  
Grades 9-12: 34.5 students to 1 teacher 

Our Buildings need $1 Billion in repairs

We do not have enough funding to open our school doors for 180 days. 

We have cut $130 million from our budget.

Only 39% of all graduating students are qualified to enter a 4 year university. 

50% of graduating seniors attend Community College and 80% of those students will need to complete remedial work before they can take college credit coursework

Before Darrell Steinberg spend money educating 4 year olds- he may want to adequately fund K- 12.


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