Where is Patch going?

I miss the days when Patch seemed like a cool little hometown blog where you could exchange ideas with your neighbors and get the latest local news. Sadly, it seems that those days are gone.
Carol July 12, 2014 at 01:23 PM
I thought the Patch was an online nationwide news organization that brought you things of local interest and stories that might affect your lives. Was it once just a little local blog?
Penny Arévalo July 13, 2014 at 12:08 PM
Hi Carol, we once had many more editors than we do now. But we were also losing millions a year. Our new owner has lots of great ideas. First priority was getting rid of this current platform, which is clunky at best. The new platform debuts in a few weeks. We are also coming up with a number of innovations that should bring more local back. I'm very excited about the future. In the meantime, we are making do with what we have while we work on these changes.


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