Yes on Measure B for Jobs, Road Improvements

San Juan Capistrano City Councilmen Sam Allevato and Larry Kramer write a rebuttal to an argument opposing Measure B.

This letter, written by San Juan Capistrano City Councilmen Sam Allevato and Larry Kramer, is in response to the. If approved, Measure B will uphold changes made to the Distrito La Novia-San Juan Meadows development, a mixed-use project consisting of a large, equestrian center; retail outlets and homes. 

Don't let them deceive your about the choice

The choice is not between "no development" and "some development." The choice is between a massive development approved in 1998 and could be built today and a more modest development with 50 percent fewer residential units.

Don't let them deceive you about the project

The new owner purchased the property with the 1998 approval in place and spent 3 1/2 years and more than 30 public hearings working with community groups and the City Council to create a project that is commercially viable and community friendly.

Vote YES to preserve our open space and expand our trail network

62 percent of the project remains open space, including an equestrian center. It expands our trail network and provides trail head parking to make our open space more accessible—at no cost to the city.

Vote YES for community-friendly retail and jobs for San Juan Capistrano residents

This project will provide much-needed retail, create jobs for San Juan Capistrano residents and produce sales tax revenues for essential city services—at no cost to the city.

Vote YES for traffic improvements

This project will realign La Novia with Interstate 5 on-and-off ramps, make intersection and signal improvements to Valle and San Juan Creek roads, and add a sidewalk and bike lane along La Novia—before one house is occupied.

To provide jobs for local residents, preserve the unique character of our city, and have a project planned with community input, vote YES on Measure B.

Coming up tomorrow: A rebuttal to today's argument in favor of Measure B.

Read an argument in opposition of Measure B:

Read Patch's news coverage of Distrito La Novia-San Juan Meadows:

Rob Clyde March 23, 2011 at 02:38 PM
Talk about deception,, Councilmen Sam Allevato and Larry Kramer. You inferred that close to 20% of SJC's registered voters were misinformed idiots who were duped into signing the referendum saying NO to this massive development that is so out of character with our city's small town charm that is defies further comment. Our own Planning Commission said NO and you and voted out council members Uso and Nielson don't seem to get it. The Distrito is nothing more than one of thousands of portfolio properties for ARES investors and you gave them millions of dollars in rezoning value at our expense. Haven't you learned anything from the City of Bell?
David Shouse May 25, 2011 at 07:25 PM
A no vote means (as I understand it) that the Distrito/La Novia parcels revert to their original entitlements which does not included several 3 level building and more not less development. I am not opposed to any development in S.J.C. I would just rather that it be sensible development.In my opinion the old plan is more sensible.
JessC May 26, 2011 at 12:38 AM
A NO on B will allow the developer to build his original entitled project. I, too, am not opposed to development. My biggest problem with the Distrito project is the mixed use. I have discussed the “mixed use” concept with many people, and we all agree that mixed use is simply not compatible with SJC. With all due respect, Mayor Allevato and councilmember Kramer, regardless of which development (original plan or the one approved by the last council), the intersection WILL be re-aligned. So, please play fair. Speaking of playing fair, the Yes people are putting up wooden post signs measuring approximately 16 Sq. Ft along the La Novia hillside. The city’s municipal code and ordinance states campaign signs cannot be larger than 6 Sq. Ft. What does this tell you about the developer, ARES? As for me the message is, we are above the law. If you have not seen the signs, you should go look. Where is the city’s code enforcement? What, if anything, is the council doing about this violation? Why hasn’t Patch (who is usually very good at reporting current news) reported on this violation?


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