Jury: San Clemente Man Guilty of Two 'Spiritual Cleansing' Rapes

Alberto Flores Ramirez was accused of rubbing eggs on two women in separate incidents before assaulting them. Jurors deliberated about 90 minutes before handing down the verdict.

Alberto Flores Ramirez. Photo courtesy of the Santa Ana Police Department.
Alberto Flores Ramirez. Photo courtesy of the Santa Ana Police Department.

City News Service

A 39-year-old man was convicted today of a raping two women on separate occasions in a Santa Ana motel where he conducted bizarre "spiritual cleansing" rituals.

Jurors deliberated about 90 minutes before convicting Alberto Flores Ramirez of San Clemente of two counts each of forcible rape and forcible oral copulation and single counts of sexual penetration with a foreign object by force and attempted forcible oral copulation.

Jurors also found true a sentence-enhancing allegation of committing sex crimes against multiple victims.

"I'm pleased the jury did the right thing and these women will finally get justice," said Deputy District Attorney Whitney Bokosky.

Ramirez, who is scheduled to be sentenced June 13, faces up to 75 years to life in prison.

He met one of the victims on the Badoo social networking site, Bokosky said. The woman had come to the United States in 2011 on a travel visa and was living in Simi Valley, the prosecutor said.

The woman's two daughters, who were born in the United States, were living in Mexico and the father would not allow them to come to the United States, Bokosky said.

Ramirez told her that he had a "spiritual cleansing ritual" that would help her "get rid of bad vibes" and reunite her with her daughters, the prosecutor said.

"She was trying to find a way to have her daughters live with her here," Bokosky told jurors."She's desperate to try anything to get her daughters back."

The two arranged to meet in Santa Ana on April 3, 2012, at a 99-cent store to pick up eggs and other items to be used in the ritual, the prosecutor said. They dined at a McDonald's and then drove to the Aloha Motel in Santa Ana, she said.

Ramirez rubbed eggs on the woman and used photos of the daughters in the ritual, but he told her it was not working and that she would have to strip down to her underwear, Bokosky said.

Ramirez then began fondling the woman, and when she began resisting, the two got into a physical struggle until he grabbed her by the neck and told her that "something really bad will happen" if she did not capitulate, Bokosky said.

Ramirez apologized after raping the woman, saying he was "overcome by her beauty," the prosecutor said. The defendant then gave the woman "gas money" and directions home, and she immediately called 911 when he was out of sight, Bokosky said.

Investigators linked Ramirez to the sexual assault with DNA evidence in the motel room, Bokosky said. Jurors also heard a "covert call" the accuser made to the defendant on behalf of investigators in which she confronts him about the rape and the defendant apologized, the prosecutor said.

Publicity about the case on an ABC News affiliate in Las Vegas prompted another woman to accuse Ramirez of raping her during a "cleansing ritual" at the same motel, Bokosky said. That woman told investigators the two met through Facebook, she said.

"She had bad luck with men," Bokosky said, "so Mr. Ramirez, being the healer that he is, offered to cleanse her free of charge."

Ramirez instructed the woman to meet with him in Santa Ana alone, but she brought along a friend, who was told to wait outside the Aloha Motel room in February 2012, the prosecutor said.

Ramirez told the woman to strip before he put eggs, water and ammonia on her "to the point she becomes dizzy and disoriented from the smell," Bokosky said.

"When she wakes up, the defendant is on top of her," sexually assaulting her, Bokosky said.

Ramirez "apologized" to the woman before they parted, the prosecutor said.

"She leaves the motel room very confused," Bokosky said, adding the woman was too "ashamed and embarrassed" to tell her friend what happened.

Ramirez's attorney, Angela Kung of the Orange County Public Defender's Office, said much of the facts of the case were not in dispute, but argued there were "no witnesses" and "no physical evidence" to prove the rape claims.

Ramirez told police he "honored" the request of the woman he met through Badoo to abstain from sex, but that she agreed to masturbate him, Kung said.

Kung suggested the second woman got details of the first woman's claim from the TV news report.

Bella April 23, 2014 at 01:37 PM
That's right up there with psychics.
Robert Curtis April 23, 2014 at 03:13 PM
Regardless of the years we MUST pay for his room and board the guy has a life sentence on the sex offender registry and that's no picnic.
Brainwashed_In_Church April 23, 2014 at 07:54 PM
I still like the idea of some prison guys being used (voluntarily of course) to do the work illegal aliens are currently doing: Positive, even though probably menial, work, potential for sentence reduction or treats, and reduction in idle yard time in which gang collaborations flourish. The farm owners pay the "job shop" state of California so the state gets some reimbursement for the costs of housing prison guys. The demand for illegal aliens goes down. Government resources aren't being drained as much on services to illegal aliens. Cool Hand Luke. Win Win Win.
Robert Curtis April 23, 2014 at 08:19 PM
Andy Fischer I agree with you, but at a deeper level. Cut our demand for foreign products to half by development within our own third world class in our prisons. The purpose has to be engineered as trade building for those incarcerated but sold at same price as imported goods from China. They after getting out will have support systems in place to help them intergrate back into society and it would help build back our once manufacturing industry. We have been mostly a service based country for to many years. Churches and social programs at community level will help by providing alternatives to incarceration. We are our brother's keeper anyway you look at it we just need a better way of being such. Even having a local currency at county and state level will help encourage us to build and buy local. Why do we have so much government anyways?
Smokey Bear April 30, 2014 at 03:57 PM
While I am sorry that these women were victimized, there is a thing called common sense & risk assesment of the situation. Women got to be safe & use their heads. He is a criminal of course! Women, don't be alone with a guy you dont know, duh!


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