UPDATED: Police Nab Alleged Gas Mask Robber

The man arrested on the suspicion of robbing a Laguna Niguel Starbucks on Friday is Kyle Kamal Starner, 20.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Updated with family reaction.

Orange County Sheriff's deputies have arrested the man believed to have robbed a Laguna Niguel Starbucks armed with a gun and wearing a gas mask.

"The officer noticed he was in possession of a gas mask when he stopped him and also recalled he was connected from the report issued," Amormino said.

Starner was walking in the beach town and was allegedly "extremely intoxicated." He was also found to be on probation for burglary and stolen property, Amormino said. 

Because of his probation record, Amormino said Starner is subject to search and seizure, and deputies searched his Laguna Niguel home on Friday night.

"They found a handgun and worn clothing, the same as reported that he was wearing during the time of the robbery in a bag," Amormino said. 

Starner was arrested for his possible connection to the Starbucks robbery and another robbery two weeks ago at Swirlz Frozen yogurt in the same shopping plaza.

He remains in custody, Amormino said.

Family members  Starner are "shocked and upset" by his arrest.

Starner's sister, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "Based on everything we have heard, Kyle would never do this, and it is not in his nature.

"We are just waiting for all this to be cleared up. People often think someone is guilty before they are proven innocent. Let's just wait and see in this case."

At one point, Starner worked at Laguna Niguel Lake and lived in Oregon where he graduated from high school. He lives in Laguna Niguel with his mother, according to the family member.


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