Teacher: Alleged Killer Syed 'Polite and Kind and Nice'

Ali Syed was enrolled in one Saddleback College computer class before he allegedly shot and killed four people, including himself, Tuesday.

Authorities say he used a 12-gauge shotgun and traveled 25 miles to kill three people, then himself, Tuesday morning.

But to his computer repair teacher at Saddleback College, Ali Syed was just a normal, quiet student.

"He didn't give any reason for alarm or concern," Eugene Evancoe told the Lariat, the campus newspaper.

Syed was enrolled in one Wednesday morning class on computer maintenance and repair this semester, said law enforcement and the Lariat.

When Evancoe broke the news to Syed's classmates Wednesday morning, they responded with silence, he said.

"I don't think anyone knew him," Evancoe told the Lariat. "(The class) didn't really show a lot of reaction at all."

He regularly attended, showed interest in the subject and got along well with other students, Evancoe said. He didn't excel in class, but didn't do poorly either. Evancoe described him as "probably a B student—an A-B student."

And how was he to talk to?

"He didn’t talk a lot, but when he did he was polite and kind and nice," Evancoe said.

Whophantom February 21, 2013 at 11:01 PM
What's up with some of today's young people? Gamers, loners, strippers, etc. All you lonely spoiled brats need a good kick in the arse and sent to the fields to pick crops, help where you can & stop living with Mom & Pop. Parents need to stop supporting their lifestyle and give them responsibilities like paying rent & buying groceries. Bring back the military draft!


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