City Council Field Narrows to Five

Melissa Abbott-Kaffen drops out of the race, although her name will still appear on the ballot.

The City Council candidate field has narrowed to five now that Melissa Abbott-Kaffen has dropped out.

Her opponents announced her departure from the race in a press release mid-day Thursday, but Patch did not confirm the reports until evening.

Abbott-Kaffen said the timing is bad for her family at this time, and she is throwing her support behind Kim McCarthyand Roy Byrnes, two candidates running on a "Common Sense" slate, so as not to dilute the protest vote against the current City Council majority.

“With me out of the picture, there’s more of a chance,” Abbott-Kaffen said.

Although she informed the city that she will no longer be campaigning, Abbott-Kaffen’s name will still be on the ballot.

In a press release, City Councilman Derek Reeve, often on the losing end of 4-1 votes – especially if they have to do with the Groundwater Recovery Plant which supplies San Juan Capistrano with some of its water – called Abbott-Kaffen’s decision courageous and bolsters the chance to change the make-up of the council.

“It is rare to experience such an altruistic act in any area of modern politics,” he said.

Abbott-Kaffen said with residents frustrated with their high water bills, it’s the perfect time for a new council majority. She will work to see that happen.

“I’m going to be very active going forward. You’ll be hearing from me, maybe in 2014. This is not going to be a one-inning game.”

The remaining five candidates include McCarthy, Byrnes, Tom Marantz, City Councilman Sam Allevato and Planning Commission Ginny Kerr, the later two considered part of the current majority.

PATRICIA PLATT September 21, 2012 at 04:49 PM
Oh Melissa, Sorry to see you drop out!. Here I was singing your praises, just as I found out. Next time...
melissa kaffen September 25, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Thanks Patricia for your kind words. I have not dropped out as the press likes to characterize it. I am very much working to ELECT THE ONLY 2 people who will give us a shot at reducing water rates, congestion and city debt. It's going to take a sustained concerted effort by all of us to turn this town around. I and my family intend to be involved over the long haul as have  Kim McCarthy and Dr. Roy Byrnes. They need and deserve our support.


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