City Manager's Update: Jan. 12, 2012

Cook Historic Barn, donations to revive the Fourth of July fireworks show the city can't afford, a seminar on snacking for seniors and more.


TWO VACANCIES: The City Council has declared an adult adviser vacancy on the and the . The Youth Advisory Board serves as a liaison between the youth of San Juan Capistrano and the City Council concerning matters related to the city’s youth. Applications are due to the city clerk by 4:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 20.

The Cultural Heritage Commission acts as an advisory body to the City Council, Planning Commission, city manager and other groups in matters related to the culture, heritage and history of the city. Duties of the Cultural Heritage Commission include:

  1. Promote awareness and appreciation for the city's cultural and historical significance through preservation and promotion of traditional folkways associated with the community
  2. Encourage sponsorship of community events promoting knowledge of history, culture and traditional folkways of the community and assist organizations to undertake such tasks
  3. Compile and maintain lists of property, persons, events  and landmarks of cultural or historical significance for City Council review and notify property owners of applicable city requirements
  4. Implement studies related to historical, cultural, paleontological, or archaeological matters, and make recommendations on related districts
  5. Recommend an annual   budget including financing of commission   activities and capital projects designed to protect the cultural heritage of the community; and other duties as may be assigned by the City Council. 

Applications are due to the city clerk by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 10.

Applications for both positions are available at the city clerk’s office or the city’s website www.sanjuancapistrano.org. 2

FOURTH OF JULY:  Two donations were gratefully received by the Community Services Department to help fund the city’s . The City’s 50th Birthday Celebration Committee donated $1,500, and a donation of $1,500 was received from Mission Village. 

SENIOR SERVICES:  A public health Intern, Lois Kim, will offer seniors an opportunity to sample quick 5-minute snack preparations as a healthy alternative to processed snacks. Demonstrations will take place in the senior lounge at 11:00 a.m. every Wednesday starting Jan. 18. Recipes will be available. 

COOK HISTORIC BARN: The has been completely demolished, a large portion of the debris removed, the RV removed, and utilities capped. Greg Cook stated to staff that . 

: The proposed residence on the Pacifica San Juan remnant parcel is again going through the grading and design review process for a single-family dwelling.  It had a first work-session review on Jan. 5 at the Design Review Committee.

DEL OBISPO STREET BRIDGE WIDENING: The contractor poured concrete for the channel lining, bike path underpass, and upper northern bike path wall footing at the east side of the creek. They also constructed forms for the upper northern bike path wall stem. This project will be completed in May.

SAN JUAN HILLS WEST: Public Works field staff stenciled “Do Not Block” letters on San Juan Creek Road pavement at the two entrances to the San Juan Hills West neighborhood. The new letters will provide a gap for the residents to exit their neighborhood.

City crews cleaned the stock pile of dirt at the Lemon Grove and made preparations for the repair of the Arizona crossing and hauled off excess rock and asphalt to Ewels for free disposal. In addition to the cleaning activities, staff disposed new materials from new water main repairs that

Maintenance staff changed out 120 reverse osmosis membranes.


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