Elections: Allevato's Lead Lengthens

The incumbent's narrow lead over Kim McCarthy gains a few votes in new counting.

Councilman Sam Allevato’s lead over challenger Kim McCarthy for the second of two seats on the San Juan Capistrano City Council lengthened today when more provisional ballots and absentee ballots turned in at the polls were counted Thursday.

Since the votes were first counted early Wednesday morning, they’ve shown a 273-vote difference between Allevato, who came in second, and McCarthy. Thursday evening, that small gulf grew slightly to a 284-vote difference.

Roy Byrnes, who first served on the City Council in the 1970s, clinched the most votes with 5,051 votes, 25.7 percent of the votes. Allevato’s 4,368 votes make up 22.2 percent. McCarthy received 4,084 votes, or 20.8 percent.

Allevato said Byrnes will quickly learn a lot of issues have changed since his first days on the council.

“I look forward to Roy getting 'up to speed' on all the issues and realizing that the council majority and staff are intelligent considerate people that are working hard on these issues and that his perspective will always be welcomed by me,” Allevato said.

Byrnes said he foresees harmony.

“I expect the five of us will work together OK,” he said in a short statement.

Allevato added that by sending himself and Byrnes back to the council, the voters are placing a premium on experience. 

John Perry November 09, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Sam You spent a lot of other peoples money on your campaign. We will be watching for any and all paybacks.
d November 09, 2012 at 07:35 AM
Sam, You have served us well and my family and I appreciate it. I voted for you and I'm glad you won. I think this has been a dirty election and am glad it's over. Here's to a city council that continues to put its citizens first. I'm glad our city has " council watchers" so there is a check and balance- I sure wish a woman made the cut. Sorry to see Laura freese go.
Rhen Kohan November 09, 2012 at 04:40 PM
The headline here is very irritating...when I saw it I was thinking some sort of significant climb in numbers however you are calling 7 more votes lengthening? Again your bias shows? Sam's comments towards Roy are equally irritating and shows he learned not one whit about his near loss. Of course the numbers show there are people like "d" above who are happy Sam won, however, just do not forget, Sam, there are those of us who did not want to see you serve one more day and will hold you accountable to learn to be civil, unlike your comments bordering on insult quoted here. NOW an example of civility was Roy's short statement following yours. This town has factions quite obvious. Healing those fractures would help. Civility will contribute to that process rather than starting out of the gate acting like Roy is in the 19th century which he is not.
Smokey Bear November 09, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Good comment sjchomeowner! Guess what you idiot mayer, we still live here & you will not bulldoze our homes to make way for your new developement!! I & we are here to stay despite your best efforts to rid the town of people who don't make 6 figures a year! You were completely rude & arrogant to me & my husband when we came to talk to you & show we are decent people who have had hardships & financial difficulties due to cancer & bills from that, then losing our parents anyway. You did not care that we work hard, are good people who struggle just like most people in the real world! Your comment to us was that the old have to make way for the new & that our home didnt fit with the new plan! So suck it & I didnt vote for you, never will, & I hope your family stays healthy & you dont ever have hard times because you're so much better than the rest of us


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