Measure B: A Violation of Property Owners' Rights

San Juan Capistrano City Councilman Derek Reeve writes a letter opposing Measure B.

On June 7, San Juan Capistrano residents will head to the polls to cast their votes on Measure B. If approved, Measure B will uphold the to change development standards for the property along each side of La Novia Avenue. This is a letter City Councilman Derek Reeve wrote opposing Measure B:

Vote NO and protect property rights

In violation of constitutionally protected property rights, the City Council approved developers [Advanced Real Estate Services'] request for a General Plan Amendment and a rezone of the property known as Distrito La Novia.

At the expense of neighboring property rights, the developer will reap millions in increased property value as a result of these new entitlements.

The General Plan is supposed to protect property rights by providing residents with assurances of what will be built on vacant land. Instead, the City Council ignored your rights when they approved this project. You know have the opportunity to overturn the council's decision.

Vote NO to high-intensity development

San Juan Capistrano Planning Commission denied approval of the project because, "design of the Distrito site includes significant building massing and intensity and a 4-level parking structure that will be incompatible with the low-density character of the nearby neighborhoods."

As approved by the City Council, the Distrito La Noiva portion of the project will include 10 three-story buildings and a 4-level parking structure on the 18-acre parcel.

Vote NO on the City's scheme to increase debt

The City Council erroneously believes this project will further downtown redevelopment, but this project will in fact increase city debt.

This development will compete with downtown merchants for business, causing more vacant buildings and failed businesses.

Vote NO—ARES is not a "good neighbor!"

ARES was sued by residents of Capistrano Terrace Mobile Home Park for failure to maintain the park. An Orange County jury found that "ARES acted with oppression, malice or fraud" toward the mobile home park residents, awarding them punitive damages.

ARES is not the type of developer we want in San Juan Capistrano.

Save San Juan Capistrano's small town character. Vote no on Measure B.

Coming up tomorrow: A rebuttal to Reeve's argument opposing Measure B.

Read an argument in favor of Measure B:

Read Patch's news coverage of Distrito La Novia-San Juan Meadows:

socalfam May 23, 2011 at 09:26 PM
"d" - THAT's a LIE. ARES cannot develop this crappy mixed-use project if the voters vote NO. A No vote undoes the council's re-zone and change of General Plan, which is the only way this "new" project was approved. But of course you know that - you're just trying to confuse the voters. People - DON'T BE FOOLED - if you vote NO, the developer CANNOT build his unsightly, massive retail/apartments/commercial/condos and 500-horse equestrian event center which will create 2,200 MORE traffic trips per day than the old plan. The residents just want what they were told would be built there in the old plan. The Planning Commission listened and agreed with the residents and recommended the council NOT approve this inappropriate, crappy mixed-use project. The council IGNORED the will of the people and their own Planning Commission and voted to approve this crappy project anyway. VOTE NO on Measure B!!! - send the developer back to the drawing board!
Alberto Barrera May 23, 2011 at 11:02 PM
It can build the old plan.
JessC May 24, 2011 at 12:47 AM
If ARES thought that the "old plan" was such a good idea, they would have built it by now. Do you really think that a "mixed use" development fits in SJC? I don't. Why do you think the planning commission voted the development down? They don't think the development fits in SJC either. Do you think it is right for the YES people to steal NO signs? What are they afraid of?
smoothpuss2 May 24, 2011 at 02:26 AM
Then Alberto, let them build the old plan.
Ally May 31, 2011 at 10:38 PM
I Voted NO on Measure "B". socalfam and JessC are obviously well educated on this subject and have not been pursuaded by this clever "yes is less" bs campain. SJC is not like Mission Viejo or Laguna Niguel those are all high density and gross (including Ladera Ranch) SJC has a small town feel and as far as SOCAL is concerned it is a small town. Why would you approve such a development. Loma Vista and Mesa Vista I can not believe I am seeing signs up on that hill, in front of your homes, supporting this measure, if it passes say goodby to some of your views, your quite hills that you hike or ride your bike in, say goodby to your property values too!!! This will 100% effect the property owners, the business owners, the traffic and the character of SJC.!!!


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