New Democratic Majority Takes Helm on Council, School Committee

New members of the Portsmouth Town Council and School Committee were sworn into office Monday night.

A new political era took the helm in Portsmouth on Monday night. 

All elected officials of the Portsmouth Town Council and School Committee were officially sworn into office at Town Hall. The newly elected officials are mostly Democrats, who won big on election night after defeating several Republican incumbents. 

Girl Scouts began the evening ceremonies with the Pledge of Allegiance and "Star Spangled Banner." 

Outgoing members of the town council made closing remarks except Judi Staven, who was absent. 

Outgoing council President Joseph Robicheau thanked the Portsmouth Concerned Citizens (PCC), his wife and the bartenders of Fieldstones Grille for "staying open late." 

Senator-elect Chris Ottiano and Reps.-elect Dennis Canario, John Edwards and Linda Finn presented citations to Kesson and Robicheau. 

Judge J. Terence Houlihan Jr. swore in the new officials. 

Town Councilors taking the oath of office were John F. Blaess, Michael A. Buddemeyer, David M. Gleason, Keith E. Hamilton, Mary Donohue Magee, Elizabeth A. Pedro and James A. Seveney.  

School committee members taking the oath of office were Emily A. Copeland, Terri-Denise Cortvriend, Andrew V. Kelly and John L. Wojichowski. 

Kathleen M. Viera Beaudoin was sworn into office as town clerk. Philip T. Driscoll took the oath to serve as town sergeant, a position that created some buzz in the audience. According to several residents, the position is not listed in the town charter. 

After the official swearing-in ceremony, the town council elected James Seveney as the new council president in a 7-0 vote. 

The town council also elected John Blaess as vice president. The vote was 7-0. 

The first town council meeting of the new session will be held this Saturday at 10 a.m. at Town Hall. 

eyeswide November 28, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Clark I have no doubt that you vote and pay taxes but it appears you don't do it in Portsmouth or you don't do it as Clark Grimes. When Barry Stone wrote a post shortly before the election about Mr. Robicheau's wife answering his emails, a few other posters, including Gwen Lafave, Tony Macomber, & JTThomas used the thread to attack Councilors Seveney, Buddemeyer and Hamilton. They claimed the defenders of Seveney, Buddemeyer and Hamilton posted under pen names but critics used their real names (Stone, Lafave, Macomber) and were more credible. "Ellen" questioned why she could not find Stone, LeFave, etc, in the phone book so when I went to cast my ballot at town hall I checked the town databases. Clark's post prompted me to check those sources again today when I went to pay my second quarter taxes. In addition to not being listed in the phone book, according to town records the following people do not own real estate in Portsmouth, do not have a car registered in their name in Portsmouth and are not registered to vote in Portsmouth: Barry Stone, Gwen Lafave, Tony (Antone or Anthony) Macomber, JT Thomas, or Clark Grimes. Ellen thought several of those posters were the same person. I don't know about that but they certainly appear to be assumed names. I have no issue with anonymous posters, but to routinely post under a pen name, then claim its your real name and attack the crediblity of others for using pen names? What sort of hypocrite does that? Give it a rest.
J. Lane McMahon November 28, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Clark, You do know that most of our "Founding Fathers" used pseudonyms at one point or another throughout the late 1700's, right? Your argument fails when you factor in actual history.
J. Lane McMahon November 28, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Bill, That's a little misleading to say the least. The Declaration of Independence was ratified on on July 2, and sent to the printers on the 4th. You do understand that the ratification vote was the important act, not the signing, right?
getreal November 28, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Wow. Clark Grimes, Barry Stone, Gwen Lafave, Tony Macomber, JT Thomas aren't you all or one of you the true ( nameless fool) that Clarky talked about above.. It is funny how everyone of you have used the real name lie....the people have spoken and the election is over.....NICE TRY.
Clark Grimes November 28, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Wow A real life Nancy Drew in town. Clark is my middle name and one by which i am known, Einstein.The home is held in trust of which i own the interest and fund the tax payments. This stuff is probably a bit above your investgative abilities . You can narrow me down on the voter registration list now eyeball. I"ll keep you in mind for some detective work if my phone book and vision appraisal sources dont work out, how would i find you in the book, under "e"?


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