State of the City on Track, Says Mayor

Mayor Larry Kramer and City Manager Karen Brust gave the annual address, saying the city is already 59 percent through the goals the City Council set for itself back in July.

Mayor Larry Kramer and City Manager Karen Brust bounced off each other to deliver a state-of-the-city address that was full of positives.

“There are many challenges and opportunities ahead of us,” said Kramer said Thursday night.

But despite tough economic times, “San Juan Capistrano is a resilient community,” Brust said. The city not only manages to balance a budget, this year’s budget features 12 percent less spending than the previous years.

She noted that increased revenues from sales tax are balancing out a dip in property tax money. Some successful new businesses include the , and the new .

A number of highlights from the last year prompted applause from the audience that paid $50 a plate to attend the -sponsored event at restaurant, including:

  • The multiuse trails in the
  • Voter approval of the commercial and residential development
  • The many celebrations that made up the
  • The

The pair discussed six priorities the council set out for itself in July. By their own accounting, they are already 59 percent through their to-do list, according to a slide show presented at the address.

Among the accomplishments already checked off include and increasing output at the Groundwater Recovery Plant.

“Right now, we’re producing about 70—75 percent of the water you use,” Brust said to applause.

Plans in progress include the design for a for the Northwest Open Space, the soliciting of new uses for the , the downtown master plan and a “one-stop shop counter” at so that businesses can get all their city business done in one place.

“All of your needs can be met in one counter,” Brust said.


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