Ladera Ranch Schools Could Be Hit Hard

Possible teacher layoffs would hit Ladera Ranch much harder than some other areas of Capo Unified.

Ladera Ranch schools will be much harder hit by layoffs than others in the Capistrano Unified School District.

While some elementary schools have few, if any, layoffs scheduled -- such as those in -- Ladera Ranch is looking at more than two dozen elementary teachers who may be let go.

Ladera Ranch Middle School has another 10 teachers on the layoff list.

, and how this year, the laid-off teachers may not be rehired as in years past.

There are three potential statuses: Permanent, meaning the teachers have tenure; "rehired/temp" means they were previously either permament or in a probationary period and were laid off, then later rehired as a temporary employee; and, temporary, meaning they work on one-year contracts.


    Chaparral      Name Year Hired Status Grade/Subject Notes Annette Burns   2002 Rehired/temp Fifth  Amy Clarke   2001 Rehired/temp Kindergarten Kylie Siglock   2002 Rehired/temp Kindergarten      

Ladera Ranch Elementary

Carrie Agyekum   2001 Rehired/temp First  Marcella Carlini-Castiglia   2001 Rehired/temp Third Mary Dunnicliffe   2002 Rehired/temp Fifth Maggie Fisher   2002 Rehired/temp First Carrie-Anne Gray   2001 Rehired/temp First Asst. Principal Lacey Hansen   2003 Rehired/temp Third Gail Hodel   2003 Rehired/temp Second Nicole Kolenic   2010 Temporary Specia Ed Mild/mod Ladera Ranch Middle  Andrika Bowen   2005 Rehired/temp English Nancy Enriquez   2010 Temporary Music Kellie Graham   2006 Rehired/temp Counselor David Hansen   2008 Rehired/temp Math Julie Matters   2005 Rehired/temp Business Matthew Maxwell 
 2010 Temporary Life Science Pamela O’Donovan 
 2007 Permanent Life Science Michael Schooler 
 2007 Permanent PE Elizabeth Silverthorne 
 2010 Rehired/temp Social Science Tiffany Wondra 
 2005 Rehired/temp Math      
Oso Grande
Pleasance Conrady 
 2002 Rehired/temp Kindergarten Christopher Dembiec 
 2002 Rehired/temp Third Asst. Principal Mikole French   2002 Rehired/temp Second Mary Haupt   2004 Rehired/temp Fourth Maria Johnson   2002 Rehired/temp Third Nicole Lamarre 
 2002 Rehired/temp Second Jill Mcdonald   2002 Rehired/temp Third Shannon Mckinstry   2002 Rehired/temp Kindergarten, First Stephanie Mischel  2001 Rehired/temp Fourth April Paulsen 
 2007 Temporary Special Ed Mild/mod Kelly Ricks 
 2002 Rehired/temp Third Celina Shwam 
 2002 Rehired/temp Fifth Staci Smith   2002 Rehired/temp First Kimberly Williams   2002 Rehired/temp Kindergarten


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