SJ Kids to See Cars from the Future and Meet 'Pimp My Ride's' Mad Mike

Students identified as at-risk for gangs will get a close look at how Ford cars are designed and sold Friday morning.

San Juan Elementary students will get an up-close look at how Ford designs and sells its cars Friday morning.

It's a reward to 100 students for positive behavior, perfect attendance and staying out of gangs.

Kids were chosen between September and December by Ford, and the regional gang-prevention program GRIP, comprised of local law enforcement agencies.

Students will see three concept cars: the Ford Shelby GR1, the Lincoln MKR and the Ford START.

The students will be greeted by Henry Ford's great-great grandson Henry Ford III, and Mad Mike, star of SPEED TV’s "Pimp My Ride."

To qualify, the students had to have no unexcused absences, criminal activity or arrests, violence or weapons on campus, and no gang-related clothing, writing, or behavior.

Ford and OC GRIP identified 110 at-risk students, ages 9 to 13 in grades 4-8. Of the 110 students, 100 students met the challenge and were mentored by Ford employees, including guidance and encouragement for positive decision making. 

Here are the other participating schools:

  • Viejo Elementary
  • Shorecliffs Middle School
  • Gilbert Elementary
  • Whitaker Elementary
  • Adams Elementary
  • Robert M. Pyles Elementary
  • Yorba Middle School
  • Santiago Middle School
  • Bernice Ayer Middle School
Ryan Foland December 07, 2012 at 04:09 PM
This is awesome!


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