San Juan Hills Boys Soccer Teams Go Down

Capo Valley gets the best of the Stallions on "senior night."

All three boys’ soccer teams at fell to the Capistrano Valley High Cougars in action Tuesday.

The varsity and junior varsity squads played at home, while the frosh/soph team took to the field at Capo.


It was “senior night” to honor the outgoing seniors of the team. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate, forcing the boys to play in wind and rain.

Capo scored five minutes into start. Stallions had a chance to score when Franklin Campos hit a cross bar 15 into first half, but no luck.

Both teams went back and forth throughout first half but failed to find the net again. At the half, Stallions were down 0-1.

Then in what seemed like a TiVo rewind, Capo scored again five minutes into second half. The Cougars then charted a new course, scoring again, this time on a penalty kick the 20-minute mark. SJHHS came back five minutes later with Fredon Boojaklee scoring off a rebounded shot from Damon Jarman.

With just minutes left on the clock, Capo scored again with minutes left. The Stallion boys had a chance with three to go but went wide over.  Final score, 1-4. Best wishes to the graduating seniors!

Junior Varsity

In the rain, Capo Valley JV pressured San Juan Hills at home from the first whistle.  San Juan's defense held them to 0-1 at the half.  Although San Juan had scoring chances by Salvador Zamarripa, Jose Jimenez, Zach Young and Luke Alcantara, the ball never found the back of the net. San Juan Hills loses 0-3.


Just like the varsity team, the Stallions frosh/soph fell immediately behind only five minutes into the first half. Capo advanced down the field, pressuring the only two defenders left, Noah Kiessling and Tanner Novak. Kiessling stood up to the forward. One might call it a battle, but the referee called it a foul. Capo scores with a well placed penalty kick.

A scoring opportunity call for San Juan Hills went unanswered when Neil Hitzfield sent a floater in the box. Eying the ball for a header is Donovan Shreve, but he catches the side and sends it off to the right of the goal.  

Stallions saw valiant play by Moises Torres on both sides of the field. Sean Silva led the offense without finding the net. Meanwhile, at the other end Iacometti and Chris Martinez put up a strong defense. Goalkeeper Tanner Novak saved the team from multiple Capo scoring opportunities.

It’s all for naught. With two minutes left to play, Capo blazes down the middle and ploys down two Stallions, Novak and Kiessling. Score another for Capo Valley, which wins 3-1 over San Juan Hills. 

 – Ali Sundly, Carol Rodriguez, Tom Findlay and Sue Young contributed to this report.


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