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Tom Scott - Will Rogers,  is president of Capistrano Center for the Performing Arts and co-founder with his wife BJ Scott of the Camino Real Playhouse. He appears as Will Rogers in a one-man show written by Wyatt Earp.  He recently directed the West Coast premiere of  Sherlock Holmes and the Doom of Devilsmoor and has, over the years directed dozens of productions all over the country.  Acting credits include King Henry in The Lion In Winter, the grown-up Ralph Parker (Narrator role) in A Christmas Story twice in the last 5 years, Mr. Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life, Patrickin Jitters, Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Paul Bratner (in his younger days)  in Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park, various characters in a multitude of Shakespeare plays and the Villain in a number of melodramas.  Tom wrote and performed a one man bio-drama, Wolf! Jack London Remembers, which was well received in many locations and collected and performed a series of humorous and motivational stories entitled Stories I Never Told My Father.  His most important role that set the standard for his life, was when he was a pixie, well, not just a pixie but the lead pixie in Miss Detter’s 2nd grade class play. Tom was raised on a small ranch in Kansas much like Will’s home in Oklahoma.  Like Will, Tom’s dad wanted him to train to run the ranch when he grew up, but Tom also opted for a life of travel and performing on stage.  Even as a child Tom, like Will, had a love for flying and earned his pilot’s license as a young adult.  Tom still owns a Buffalo Ranch near Dodge City, Kansas. He continues in all capacities to support productions and operations at Camino Real Playhouse.
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