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RIP Johnny Garau!

RIP John A. Garau   Jan. 8, 1925 – Aug. 23, 2013

On Friday August 23rd, 2013 we lost our father and our community lost one of its most unique characters and longtime citizens, John Aurelio Garau.    When Dos Equis XX created the “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign they could have easily taken from Johnny’s Adventures because in many ways… he was the Most Interesting Man in the World!

Dad (aka Junior) was born in Los Angeles, CA on January 8, 1925.  The son of Aurelio Garau Sr., an immigrant from Sardinia, Italy, and Salome’ Blanchard from San Antonio, New Mexico.  His father owned the world renowned Delmonico’s Restaurant and Cotton Club in Los Angeles.  Dad was always extremely proud of his heritage including his Great, Great Grandfather Albino Perez, the appointed Mexican Governor of New Mexico in 1835, and Carlos Blanchard a famous Wagon Train Master on the Santa Fe Trail. 

John was an original in Laguna, at least as original as they come.  He was brought to Laguna soon after birth in the late 20’s.  He grew up on the beaches of Laguna and in Carlsbad where he attended Army and Navy Academy graduating in ’43 where he was given the nick name of Frenchie.  Upon graduation John was off into WWII serving in the Army Air Corp and was stationed at the Santa Ana Air Base prior to going to flight training on the B24 bomber where he served as a navigator. 

After WWII he returned to Laguna and worked as a lifeguard both for the City of Laguna and in Avalon on Catalina Island and attended USC – Fight On!   Johnny was the oldest surviving Laguna Beach Lifeguard.  From all the stories I have heard from him and his close friends… he was a Hell raiser!  He danced many a night away at the Casino in Avalon and partied hard on the beaches of Laguna.  His fond memories included lifeguard parties at Bette Davis’ house on Wood Cove and when he was terminated from the LB Lifeguards for waterskiing while on duty during a busy 4th of July weekend.   His stories, as most of us know, were endless.  He seemed to have been everywhere, done everything and met the most interesting people on the planet.  His experiences could have set stage for his own TV adventure series.

In the mid 50’s he met and married Priscilla (Sally) Conley and they opened the Reef Liquor Store on Coast Hwy in Laguna.  They had 4 wonderful Children.  Jean-Pierre who, married to his wife Susan, living in Oregon, and has 2 beautiful twin daughters (23), Aria and Ashlee both living in Oregon.   Jean-Francois (Jaime), married to Kathy, living in Laguna Niguel with 2 children (Nicole 19 – Sophomore at NYU, Chris 17 – Senior at San Juan Hills HS).   Maria-Christina (Salome’), married to Aaron, living in Hailey, ID with two beautiful girls (Isabelle 21 – a dramatic artist and Annette 19 – Sophomore at USF) and Jean-Paul who lives in Sun City, CA.


After selling the liquor store business in the early 70’s he opened Reef Realty on PCH and Thailia Street.   Many will remember the Surfing Santa on the office window at Christmas time.  John spent a lot of time with the local surfers at Thalia and Saint Ann’s and use to anchor his Sailboat off Thailia Beach during the summer and commute to and from work on his surf board.   The Thalia beach crew loved the office location and stored their surfboards under the building and took advantage of the outdoor shower after a surf session. 

In the mid-1980s Johnny started the first of many of his world adventures that he would do over the next twenty years including sailing the Western Pacific and Caribbean aboard the Sailboat Celerity with his longtime friends Bob Anderson and Herb Nolan.  He then sailed off traveling through Europe, New Zealand and Australia in camper vans, expeditions throughout Central and South America, Tahiti, Easter Island, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and a number of other places that slip my mind at this time.  But I think he loved being in Hawaii the most and spent considerable time there with many friends, learning the Hawaiian culture and language.

Johnny, Frenchie, Junior, Dad or whatever the nickname was that you had for him (some good and some bad), left on his last great adventure and passed away peacefully on Friday August 23, 2013.   John A. Garau is survived by his 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  As a small tribute to Dad we have renamed his sailboat, his home for over 35 years, as the O’Johnny of Laguna Beach

Memorial Services will be held on Saturday September 21st at 8:00am starting with a Paddle Out at The Main Beach Lifeguard Tower at 8am.  Church Services will follow at San Felipe De Jesus Catholic Church in Capo Beach at approximately 11:00.  A Bon Voyage party for Johnny will be held at Lucy’s El Patio following the services.  Later in the day the family and friends will depart Dana Point Harbor on the O’Johnny and Johnny’s remains will be spread off the coast of the community that he lived, loved and will eternally be a part of.  My brother reminded me that the 21st is the Solstice.  A great day to begin a new journey.   If you have a boat you are welcome to join the flotilla! 

For more information check out his Facebook Site at https://www.facebook.com/john.garau.1?fref=ts.  In lieu of donations… Please If you have a great picture or interesting story about Johnny I encourage you to post it for all to enjoy. 

We will miss you and always remember you and share our family history with all future generations.  Bon Voyage from your children, grandchildren and your many friends all around the world!  You truly were The Most Interesting Man in the World!   Rest in Peace.  

Stacy Klinger August 30, 2013 at 04:13 PM
I am so sorry for your loss. I stumbled upon this article and was so touched but also it has great similarities to my Dad. My dad grew up in Laguna Beach and also attended Army & Navy Academy. Your description sounded so much like my Dad. The nickname "Frenchie" sounded familiar, wondering if they knew each other, although my Dad was much younger. Write that book!!! Keep his memory alive. God bless you and your family.
College Planner August 31, 2013 at 02:01 PM
We'll miss him...he was a fixture here at the harbor for many years, and our dock neighbor when we had a boat...We loved him!
Jaime Garau September 03, 2013 at 10:23 AM
Thanks Lawrene. He will be surely missed around the harbor including at Johnny's "F" Dock! Hope you can make it to the celebration on the 21st. Check out his Facebook page for more info!
Jaime Garau September 03, 2013 at 10:32 AM
The Ring Story! On Sunday, 2 days following pops passing, i was on the sailboat wearing his turquoise ring when it flew off my hand, into the water and under the boat. Coincidence? Was he trying to tell me something? Maybe, maybe not. First, let me say that finding anything that has been dropped overboard into Dana Point Harbor is near impossible to find. At best i felt my odds were 1,000,000 to 1. I just knew that i had to at least make the effort. And so with little fan fair and the assistance of my best friend Jim Beals, I proceeded to dive into the abyss. As i dropped down to the line and anchor sent down by Jim the visibility got worse and worse. The dive light was of no use other than to kick up more silt. The bottom was only about -15' sea level but from the bottom i couldn't see even the boats 5' above me. As i found the line i knew that i probably had a 3' diameter are where the ring had landed, assuming that a fish hadn't eaten the shiny object as it descended. Tony Drever, of DP Marine Services , had dove the site 2 days before trying to find any sign of where the ring had dropped into the bottom but without any luck. So with zero visibility i began what turned out to be a 45 minute search for the lost ring. It was impossible odds. As i began the search more and more silt kicked up and i was completely blind. I tried and tried to keep my search near the line and anchor but found myself wandering off and coming up to get my bearing and descend again to go back to the line. I tried to create a search pattern while sifting my hands deep into the muck but that was difficult due to the lack of visibility. I could stick my entire are straight down into the muck and still not reach the harbor floor. I found plenty of other items including sun glasses, tools and even a laptop computer belonging to my boating neighbor Darren, but still no ring. I was nearly done with maybe 5 minutes of air remaining. When i found the computer i had drifted to the far side of Darren's boat and so after putting the computer up on the dock i decided to take one last bearing on my compass and then quit. After descending and seeing the line i headed straight for what i believed was the resting place of the ring. I felt something but it quickly pushed away and after a vain search i gave up hope. I reached the line and literally was making my final sweep when i latched onto something. Shivers went through my mind as i blindly felt the object and pulling it close to my mask realized in shock that i had found the ring! It was within the 3' perimeter that i assumed it would have been. I had been through there a dozen or more times. I quickly ascended and saw Darren above me and after he asked if i had any luck i showed him the ring on my finger. I gave it to him and told him to keep it save. On the surface all i could do was roll over and let out a huge Yahooooo! I'm not sure what power it was that led me to it. I now believe that my dad yanked it off my hand because he still wanted it but after seeing my pain of loosing it he decided to return it to me. Thanks pop! Bon Voyage and RIP!
Robert McCurdy April 29, 2014 at 05:56 PM
Jaime, Hello, this is Rob McCurdy. I was on Celerity with your Dad in 1985, and with you in Panama and San Andres. I saw the obituary for John in the most recent 'Surfers Journal' and wanted to reach out to you. The article above and your obvious love for John and his spirit are moving. I don't do social media, but if you want to contact me it'd be great to hear from you. mccurdy.robert@gmail.com Best to you and your family, Rob


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