Patch is Live from Hoosegow Day

Watch this space to see who gets thrown in the traveling jail for the ultimate offense: wearing modern-day clothing.

Be careful out there. Sheriff's deputies from the old West are combing the town today to ferret out varmits who dare left their cowboy boots and hats at home.

If you're caught in modern-day clothing on , into the traveling jail you go, and you have to spring yourself by coughing up some bail. (Of course, you could always use the .)

So watch this space to find out who's in the slammer this time. We'll be updating it throughout the day as our photographer Vicki Finelt follows the lawmen and women as they go about their sacred duty.

Buy My Bikes March 25, 2012 at 07:20 PM
Thank You Fiesta Association for all the hard work and prep. Hoosegow Day and Swallows Day were spectacular You should all be very proud!!!!!


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