PHOTOS: New Exhibit in San Juan Celebrates Don Juan Avila's Birthday

From the windows of the Leck House, you can see clothes and other household goods of Don Juan Avila and his family.

Friday marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of , a member of one of the founding families of Southern California who lived in San Juan Capistrano.

To commemorate the occasion, the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society launched a new exhibit at the Leck House on which will run until June.

The exhibit may be viewed without going into the house.

Included in the exhibit is Juan Avila's christening dress; a dress worn by his daughter Rosa Avila Pryor; Pablo Pryor's vest, Juan Avila son-in-law; the sheets from the wedding bed of Rosa and Pablo Pryor; and the trunk which survived the fire that destroyed most of the Avila mansion, according to a press release from the Historical Society.

A pamphlet highlighting the life of Juan Avila is available at the Historical Society office, O'Neill museum 31831 Los Rios St.

The artifacts are part of the collection of items donated to the Historical Society by the great-grandchildren of Juan and Soledad Avila.

The Leck House is at 31865 Los Rios St. in San Juan Capistrano.

Matt Gaffney March 14, 2012 at 10:49 PM
I used to live right in front of the Leck House when my family lived in San Juan Park. The Tozier family lived there when we moved here in September 1956. The Jess Bravo family lived there when he worked for the Honeyman Ranch. They used to have an ocean view from the hill, it was stunning before the Freeway came through.
Sharon June 16, 2013 at 04:44 PM
Oh my gracious! I used to live behind you in San Juan Park. I babysat you a few times! My name was Sharon Davis. I always remembered your names (the kids). Tom, you, Joe, Pat, Kathleen, and Mary Ellen. I remember the Toziers, also. Do you remember the Sykes, Pembertons, or Eastmans? My dad was a Marine as I believe yours was, too. My sister Pam and I went to San Juan Elementary, but I think you went to the Mission school. I am on Facebook~~~Sharon Deanne Davis Rowe.


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