The New Face of San Juan Cares

Matt Gaffney takes over for Rob Ferguson.

Matt Gaffney, as pictured in a recent email. Courtesy of San Juan Cares.
Matt Gaffney, as pictured in a recent email. Courtesy of San Juan Cares.

There’s a new face to San Juan Cares, the group that’s been responsible for some controversial mailers as of late.

Rob Ferguson, a member of the Open Space, Trails and Equestrian Commission, was the group’s first front man. He said his goal was a neutral third party in the midst of two warring factions in town, the council majority and a group of disgruntled citizens looking to recall one of them, Councilman Sam Allevato.

Since then, San Juan Cares produced a flier with caricatures of majority opposition that raised ire in two towns

But during San Juan Capistrano resident Kim McCarthy’s recent address to the Rancho Santa Margarita City Council -- where the group's lawyer, Steve Baric, serves as a councilman -- it was revealed that Ferguson was no longer with the group.

Now comes Matt Gaffney, a former member of the city’s now-defunct Transportation Commission.

Here’s the email blast that went out today:

Dear San Juan Neighbor,

My good friend Rob Ferguson has decided reduce his role in San Juan Cares and concentrate on some personal health and family issues that many of you are aware of.

I appreciate Rob’s service in shedding light on policy issues that are important to our community. He has been informative, providing documents and verifiable facts that have left some a little uncomfortable.

His commitment to transparency will be followed as I take over San Juan Cares.

San Juan Cares will continue to inform residents on our important issues. We encourage a healthy debate and want you to use this web site and our Facebook page to comment.

For the last few years we have sat on the sidelines and watched our political environment turn toxic.

We will talk about many issues, water rates, and the Groundwater Recovery Plant. We will talk about our water future and how to pay for it.

Who should pay? Should large water users pay more than others?

We will talk about the misguided recall and its cost to taxpayers of at least $100,000, less than a year since our last election.

Recall leaders have proposed shutting down Groundwater Recovery Plant. Do we default on the $30 million in bonds? Or, who pays off the bonds? Taxpayers?

That’s like walking away from your mortgage. The city’s credit would be ruined for decades, and bankruptcy would be on the horizon.

San Juan Cares will bring you factual information – not politically driven editorial designed to tear our town apart.


Matthew Gaffney

Donna Fleming February 06, 2014 at 03:51 PM
Tornedo...Fr. Serra has dropped his priestly front....Post from the Zoo vs. Circus blog. Fr. Serra? You have changed you priestly, "now my child", manner of speech? Much like the painting uncovered in the Chapel in the mission, lift the top layer and you will find the true artist, or at minimum, the inspiration for the San Juan Circus flyer.
Tornado Johnson February 06, 2014 at 03:59 PM
No need to call Matthew William Gaffney Fr. Serra. The Trustee Sale documents, court judgements, state and federal tax liens, speak volumes without saying a word. Fr. Serra, I did not realize that the Catholic religion allowed you to decide who received Communion or not? Are we all not God's children? Is Mechelle Lawrence Adams over at the Mission aware of your posts?
Donna Fleming February 06, 2014 at 04:25 PM
Tornado... Bernstein and Woodward just uncovered a link. Not for this blog.
Donna Fleming February 06, 2014 at 06:32 PM
Tornedo...Re your comment above. "Just how is it Matthew William Gaffney as President of CARE, how can a animal rescue give funds to the Open Space Foundation? My research shows that is not legal. One cannot expect to give funds to one non profit for animal rescue and have the funds end up in another non profit supporting open space?" The non profits have to have the same mission statement to allow one non-profit to donate to another. Animal Rescue and Open Space is not the same mission. A person donating to Animal Rescue may have no interest in donating to Open Space or an events park. And, vice versa.
Sunshine February 07, 2014 at 01:32 AM
I have to say, Girls, these guys around town have been getting away with murder. They have gotten so used to doing whatever they please, however they please that they don't care if it's legal or not. No one has been noticing or calling them on their behavior. Now that some residents have woken up, started revealing the corruption, and are uniting, they are as angry as heck and stepping on our Constitutional rights to intimidate us and quiet us. When all of this gets properly documented, it will make a great story for John and Ken on KFI. So went the corrupt leadership in the city of Bell, so will go the corrupt majority council and their minions in SJC. Fight on, Girls!


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