Cops Tight-Lipped on Trailer Park Killing

Autopsy is finished, but authorities won't reveal the cause of Bobby Ray Rainwater's death.

The autopsy is done, but authorities declined Friday to reveal what killed Bobby Ray Rainwater, who was found dead early Thursday outside his mobile home park residence.

Investigators are but have released few details.

Dan Salcedo, a homicide investigator with the Orange County Sheriff's Department, said a witness reported seeing a man run away from the mobile home park after the killing.

However, deputies have no suspects or persons of interest, and the motive also remains unclear, Salcedo said.

Salcedo said investigators think the killing was an "isolated incident," and that San Juan residents should not be concerned.

He confirmed that Rainwater was a registered sex offender, but said he had "no idea" if that was a factor in the killing. Rainwater lived in the San Juan Mobile Estates park with his elderly parents.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the sheriff's department at 714-628-7170.

Jim Reardon December 04, 2011 at 01:39 AM
Murder is evil business. The Sheriff's silence speaks volumes about the cause of death. Non-criminal deaths are common and don't require much investigation. It seems like somebody should ask the question. I will: How is a registered sex offender permitted to reside within 2000 feet of a public school and two public parks? I'm not an expert on the details of Jessica's Law, but it is my understanding that under the law this proximity is not permitted. Can someone enlighten us all? Will the Sheriff's Department explain how this law is supposed to work?
Neighbor December 06, 2011 at 03:12 AM
Just to clarify.. I was neither a friend nor an enemy of the victim, but I was a neighbor. Yes it is true that he was a registered sex offender, but the extent of that is not directly related to a sex crime. He was charged with assault with intent to commit a sex act on an ex girlfriend while intoxicated, about twenty years back. Like I said before, the man was not a friend of mine, nothing more than a guy that lived a few houses away, but it makes me sick to my stomach that the man was brutally murdered.. And all I see in these articals are words of his sex offender status. Granted i don't excuse his past behavior, but I don't believe death like that is deserved whatsoever.


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