Design Dog Park Quicker, Council Urges

To help get plans completed in less than seven months, the San Juan Capistrano City Council waives more than $12,000 in permit fees.

Hurry up and design the new dog park, the City Council urged planning staffers earlier this week. 

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Councilman Larry Kramer told the staffers to move as quickly as possible when they offered Tuesday a seven- to eight-month time frame to complete the plans.

"This is something people want to work on, they want do it for free," Kramer said.

In asking to speed up the design, the council approved waiving $12,742.68 in permit fees that would have otherwise been born by the , a Capistrano-based nonprofit that's spearheading the establishment and funding the park.

"It is an urgent priority, at the top of our list, we’ll make it happen," Grant Taylor, San Juan Capistrano's Development Director said.

The design plans will need to be reviewed by the council's advisory boards before it awards final approval.


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