First 3-2 Vote of New City Council: The New Mayor Pro Tem

The council selected Sam Allevato, who was mayor in 2011, as the new mayor pro tem.

After unanimously selecting Councilman John Taylor as their new mayor, the newly composed City Council cast its first 3-2 vote when the majority decided Councilman Derek Reeve did not deserve to be mayor pro tem.

The mayor pro tem chairs meeting and cuts ribbons when the mayor is unavailable. It’s also the person who usually ascends to the mayoral seat the following year.

The council voted Councilman Sam Allevato, who served as mayor as recently as 2011, to be the mayor pro tem. He said he didn’t consider the designation something that was, by definition, rotated.

“It’s a position you achieve by merit,” he said.

Allevato, Taylor and outgoing mayor Larry Kramer all said they wished they could vote for Reeve as mayor pro tem, especially because they all seem to work congenially during the meetings despite differences of opinion on the issues.

However, their problem was with statements that would later appear in the media, they said.

“That does not read camaraderie, does not read teamwork,” Allevato said. “Until I see that we can disagree, be gentlemen up here … I cannot support that behavior. I wish things can be different.”

Taylor felt the same about the Thursday- and Friday-morning quarterbacking.

“That has always been bothersome,” he said. “Let’s work together as a team. That’s the main thing for the betterment of this community.”

Reeve said, while he wasn't expecting he would get the vote, he wasn’t clear to what his fellow councilmen were referring, other than just the general rhetoric of an election season.

“I don’t see my comments the way they were portrayed. The only thing I can think of is in context of elections, but that’s a two-way street,” Reeve said. “I’ve thought I’ve been nothing but respectful, and truthfully, I don’t feel it’s gone the other way in every instance.”

He added that the move could be considered a "slap in the face" to the thousands of Reeve and Byrnes supporters.

For Kramer, it was because of their difference on the issues, citing support of the Boys & Girls Club, the schools resource officer and the groundwater recovery plant, that he could not vote for Reeve.

“I just have too many issues that you and I do not agree on to make me not support you,” Kramer said.

Before the vote, Byrnes asked the council to consider the statement that they were making.

“It would be an act of statesmanship for Mr. Allevato if he will step aside and allow Mr. Reeve to grow as a mayor pro tem,” he said.

Allevato said he would not.

“I can assure the folks out there, I wish it could be different,” Allevato said.

rachel o December 06, 2012 at 04:13 AM
Oh my gosh. I watched it on video while helping the kids with homework. Mayor Kramer and Sam Allevato dressing down Derek Reeve like he was a five year old. No one deserves the dressing down Derek Reeve took. After listening to Kramer and Allevato, I just wanted to punch the TV. For either of these two council members to say that they could not support Derek Reeve because he did not support these two council members just shows what big babys Kramer and Allevato are. What they said was if you don't agree with us you can't play in our sand box. After watching this I had to sit down and tell my kids that it is ok to have a different opinion. The freedoms in our country allow that. Except when you are under the dictatorships of Kramer and Allevato. Those two guys are creepy. After the kids went to bed, I had to take a shower and then another one in the morning just to make sure I got all of the stench off of me.
Lon Uso December 06, 2012 at 04:19 AM
I get it, I agree, but are you shocked? Being Mayor is ceremonial at best. you have all of the authority that two other council members give you. at the end of the day you need to learn to count to three.
rachel o December 06, 2012 at 04:19 AM
I think all of San Juan should listen to what Mayor Kramer said to Derek Reeve. It needs to be a youtube video on how you should not speak to a fellow council member. Derek Reeve and Dr. Byrnes from what I could see extended an olive branch out to the Good 'ol Boys and pretty much shoved it back in Council Members Reeve and Dr. Byrnes face. How sad of Mayor Kramer that he felt it necessary to belittle someone who has been a quadropolegic (I am so mad, I can hardly spell) from what I know all his life. That is very sad. I am glad I am not the only one who saw what these two monsters did.
Rhen Kohan December 06, 2012 at 05:49 AM
Agreed....amazing the temerity both men showed in their remarks capped with Councilman Allevato taking the mantle of mayor again rather than extending it rightfully to Councilman Reeve - too incredible to watch. It is not reassuring nor hopeful seeing the BIG THREE's decision that really could have been fine done with class.
Garry Meeker December 06, 2012 at 10:34 PM
And guess who voted for Sam Allevato, One of them, his first name is Matt, and he criticise individuals whom cant spell.


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