Kerr Resigns from Planning Commision

The former City Council candidate said she has potential conflicts of interest in the near future, but won't reveal which projects those are.

Former City Council candidate Ginny Kerr has resigned her post from the Planning Commission because of possible conflicts in the future, Patch has learned.

Kerr attended a Planning Commission Tuesday. Her letter to Mayor Larry Kramer announcing her resignation from the seven-member panel was also dated Tuesday.

Kerr told Patch that there are several "issues of personal interest" that will be coming before the Planning Commission. Had she still been on the commission, she would have had to recuse herself.

By resigning, she’ll be able to talk to staff and other commissioners “more freely” about the projects.

Kerr would not indicate which future projects represent a conflict, but did say they had nothing to do with her role as treasurer on the San Juan Capistrano Open Space Foundation.

From her bio there:

Ginny spent 13 years in the homebuilding industry, most recently as Director of Forward Planning for Laing Luxury Homes. During this time, she worked on numerous projects in Newport Coast, Rancho Santa Fe, Talega and several other high-end communities.

Kerr sought a seat on the City Council this November, running as something of a slate with Councilman Sam Allevato. Allevato was re-elected. Kerr came in fourth in the race for two seats, garnering 18.7 percent of the votes.

Had she been elected, Kerr said she would have had to recuse herself as well when the projects she declined to identify came before her.

“My [Planning Commission] term would’ve been up in December anyway,” she said, except the City Council recently pushed back commission appointments to June. She decided she couldn’t wait that long. (The council also decided to the size of the Planning Commission to seven members.)

When pushed to reveal which projects could represent a conflict for her, Kerr answered: We’re just going to wait and see before they come up.”

She added: "I have enjoyed serving on the commission for the past five years and hold all of the people I have worked with during that time – city staff, fellow commissioners, council members and city residents – in the highest esteem." 

Janice Pickartz November 30, 2012 at 02:29 PM
I admire Ginnie for knowing that she would need to recuse herself ahead of time instead of taking a less noble path as a CHC member recently took....thank you Ginnie and thank you for your time served on the Planning Commission.
Whiskey Bent November 30, 2012 at 04:24 PM
I actually do not admire her because she failed to disclose this as a candidate. She admits she was aware of it. I didn't vote for her, but I believed her to be a forthright person. Now I'm grateful she didn't win.
Jonathan Volzke November 30, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Ginny, You ran a great campaign and would have been a great City Council member. Thank you for your volunteer service to the city as a Planning Commissioner.
Lon Uso November 30, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Ginny, although we have disagreed on many issues, I believe that you approached your position thoughtfully and honestly. Many would have stayed and attempted to influence the process behind the scene. This is how a person with integrity deals with issues of conflict. Thanks for your service and good luck in the future.
SJCNative December 02, 2012 at 05:32 AM
I wonder how many issues came before her that there was a conflict of interest, however no one took her to task on? For instance, as the article states, her role as treasurer for the Open Space Foundation? As it comes to light, it appears that maybe there are a number of items that she should have recused herself on, but did not. Maybe, this is her way of gracefully backing out, before these issues are exposed while she is on the Planning Commission?


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