SJC City Council Candidate Statement: Roy L. Byrnes

Former mayor wants another go-around.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Patch is running each candidate's statement on file with the City Clerk's office on consecutive days in the order the names will appear on the ballot. 

NAME: Roy L. Byrnes

OCCUPATION: Retired Physician/Surgeon

I’m an optimistic problem solver who invites you to share a brighter vision of San Juan Capistrano. I’m Roy Byrnes, a physician/surgeon and 53-year resident. I’ve served multiple terms as your mayor. In past years I established the first Equestrian Commission and first general plan which defined San Juan Capistrano’s character for decades.

Look at your water bill! We have a poorly planned, hugely expensive groundwater recovery plant that’s inappropriate for this community. I favor renegotiating the plant lease to be fairer to our residents’ pocketbooks.

San Juan Capistrano owns a 132-acre riding park which is currently leased to a private businessman with virtually no ability for you to use it. This needs correction so that citizens have more opportunity to utilize the land that their taxes are supporting.

I need your vote because San Juan Capistrano is on the wrong track. We can dobetter. We have skyrocketing debt. We need traffic relief now. We must reform the City Council by returning to common sense and fiscal responsibility. We’ve forgotten that government can only give you what government has previously taken from you.

I’ve solved San Juan Capistrano’s problems before; I’ll do it again. I can do the best job for you. Your support is needed.


Joanna Clark October 12, 2012 at 04:59 PM
I want to thank you for your previous service, Roy. I am concerned about the potential privatizing of our ground water recovery and our seemingly unwillingness to adopt more planet friendly technologies such as lowering the speed limit within residential and commercial areas to allow the use of neighborhood electric vehicles, and covering our large parking areas with solar panels like Kaiser Permanente has initiated at their hospital on Sand Canyon. We need to lower our carbon footprint. According to the National Academies of Science, the Greenland ice cap could be gone by 2030 (worse case scenario). If that happens, most of San Juan Capistrano will be underwater, because sea-level will rise as much as 22 feet. Lake Mead could be a dry lake bed by the end of 2014. That will effect not only water access, but available electrical energy. What do you propose we do to offset the effects of planetary climate change?


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